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Presidency: Hon. Cameron McKenzie 2022-2023

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Experts highlight importance of vaccination and cancer prevention strategies


Primera Hora, June 24, 2023 –Top officials of the agency highlighted their efforts at an event that brought together the island’s health and economic sector. [READ MORE]

Our Executive Director talks about the rise in the electricity bill and its repercussions for our economy

Notiseis 360 - May 10

Cámara de Comercio anuncia celebración de 1er “Innovation Expo”

Entre los temas que forman parte de la agenda incluyen el futuro de la tecnología de inteligencia artificial, los sistemas de energía en Puerto Rico, la innovación en la educación, situación competitiva de la isla, y una actualización del desembolso de fondos federales, entre otros.

News is my Business - May 8

Puerto Rico CofC to host 1st Innovation Expo on May 16-17

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CofC) has announced the celebration of its first Innovation Expo, which seeks to integrate viewpoints from several economic sectors into in-depth discussions of the challenges and opportunities facing Puerto Rico.

The two-day event, set to take place on May 16-17 at the Distrito T-Mobile business and entertainment complex in San Juan, replaces the organization’s annual convention.

“As part of the process of evolution and reinvention of the Chamber of Commerce, we took on the task of turning our annual convention into a platform of high educational value that promotes business and economic innovation,” said CofC President Cameron McKenzie.


Hopeful for an amendment to possible cuts to Medicare Advantage


El Vocero, March 31 – A few days before the federal government’s decision on the proposal to cut $800 million to the Medicare Advantage Program in Puerto Rico, government and health sector representatives expressed hope to achieve an amendment after three days of meetings on the island with executives from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). [READ MORE]

Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Does Not Support CRIM Proposal on Inventory Tax


Metro, March 14 – The executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico, Liza García Vélez reacted to the approved measure to replace the formula of calculating the inventory tax and assures that they did not have the opportunity to evaluate the proposal of the Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM). [READ MORE]

President of Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce selected as honorary consul of Japan


Cameron McKenzie speaks to El Nuevo Día about how he got this appointment and what his responsibilities will be in the new role. [READ MORE]

Press Conference: PRCC Accountability and Projections for 2023

Thank you to all the media that covered us today during our Press Conference. It’s been an incredible 6-months of hard work, dedication and persistence. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this effort. Looking forward to 2023! Let’s keep moving PR forward!

Mayors and Chamber of Commerce meet in Washington with Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm


Optimistic that the claims before Congress will be approved


David Begnaud interview with Luis Pizarro, Esq. about the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge


Chamber of Commerce seeks support in the federal capital for the recovery of the Island


Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce surveys the Southern region to support merchants after the passing of Hurricane Fiona


Why should the Labor Reform be studied further?


Alliance with Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to promote business exchange

Colombia signed a commercial alliance with Puerto Rico

El Tiempo, August 23, 2022

Colombia and Puerto Rico signed a commercial agreement

RCN, August 23, 2022

Colombia signed a commercial agreement with Puerto Rico

La FM, August 23, 2022

CofC heads networking mission to Colombia

News is my Business, August 29, 2022

Swearing in of the Board of Directors

CofC swears-in new president, Board

News is my Business, August 15, 2022

Chamber of Commerce swears in the new Board of Directors

Noticel, August 12, 2022

Chamber of Commerce Commemorates 15th Anniversary of Creation of Student Scholarship Fund

July 22, 2022

“The scholarship fund for students with special needs is one of our institutional jobs where we continue to support and build the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico,” said the former president of the CCPR, founder and president of the Scholarship Fund Committee, Manuel Mejía.

The economic outlook of the island is not very encouraging.

July 20, 2022

“Profit margins are going to be finer. Companies are going to look for efficiency, try to raise prices, which means that the people who are buying from them need to have more capital. There is pressure on cost, performance and customers who don’t have more money. Businesses are going to look to manage cash flow, they’re going to buy less inventory and extend accounts payable.” Cameron McKenzie

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