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Presidency: Cameron McKenzie 2022-2023

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Swearing in of the Board of Directors

CofC swears-in new president, Board

News is my Business, August 15, 2022

Chamber of Commerce swears in the new Board of Directors

Noticel, August 12, 2022

Chamber of Commerce Commemorates 15th Anniversary of Creation of Student Scholarship Fund

July 22, 2022

“The scholarship fund for students with special needs is one of our institutional jobs where we continue to support and build the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico,” said the former president of the CCPR, founder and president of the Scholarship Fund Committee, Manuel Mejía.

The economic outlook of the island is not very encouraging.

July 20, 2022

“Profit margins are going to be finer. Companies are going to look for efficiency, try to raise prices, which means that the people who are buying from them need to have more capital. There is pressure on cost, performance and customers who don’t have more money. Businesses are going to look to manage cash flow, they’re going to buy less inventory and extend accounts payable.” Cameron McKenzie

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