#12Points Plan

This plan includes the sectors of health, energy, permits, contributions, taxes, SMEs, nutritional assistance, health funds, new economic sectors, manufacturing and areas of opportunity and the candidates will be asked to support and commit to comply with it during their mandate to be elected.

Candidates for Governance Forum before Entrepreneurs

During the Forum, held on August 20 VIA ZOOM, the candidates for governor – from the New Progressive Party, the Popular Democratic Party, the Victory Citizen Movement, the Consciousness Movement and the Dignity Project – reacted to the # 12 Points Plan to Promote Economic Activity developed by CCPR within its role of promoting positive changes for Puerto Rico.

Presentation: Estudio de Opinión Pública
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All applicants are committed to the proposals of Chamber of Commerce Plan #12Points

Clips of presentations by El Vocero

Farmer and Civil Engineer Eliezer Molina
Candidate of Movimiento Consciencia

Dr. César Vázquez
Candidate of Proyecto Dignidad

Alexandra Lúgaro, Esq. 
Candidate of Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana

Pedro R.Pierluisi, Atty.
Candidate of Partido Nuevo Progresista

Hon. Juan Dalmau
Candidate of Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño

Hon. Carlos Delgado Altieri
Candidate of Partido Popular Democrático

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