Executive Director

Liza M. García-Vélez, Esq.

Tel. 787-721-6060, Ext. 2219 | Cel: 787-630-5337  | Fax: 787-723-1891 | E-mail: lgarcia@camarapr.net

Meet Liza García-Vélez, the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, sending a message to all its members about her commitment to them and to their companies.

Receive a warm greeting from our offices!

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, as a leading institution – supporting and stimulating the growth of the Puerto Rico business sector – opens its doors to companies and individuals dedicated to local, national and international commercial management, and who seek with their efforts to contribute in the economic dynamics of our island.

Our business card  – as “VOICE and ACTION of the business sector” – distinguishes us as a multisectoral institution, with a membership of over 1,000 active members; 70 professional and social associations affiliated with our institution; a Council of Former Presidents made up of 36 opinion leaders from Puerto Rico, and accreditation as a “State Chamber” by the United States Chamber of Commerce, which makes us unique among the other associations in Puerto Rico.

As your Executive Director, I am firmly committed to providing our partners with access to business contacts; provide them with business training programs to help them grow their businesses; listen to their challenges, ideas and recommendations to help them channel them in the most effective way. And – of course – make sure they feel well served.

I invite you to contact me at lgarcia@camarapr.net to coordinate an appointment. Let me guide you on your best membership option and show you the many benefits of being a member of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. It would be very nice to receive you in our institution as new partners.

I hope to personally greet you soon!

Liza García-Vélez, Esq
Executive Director

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