Business Training

Business training to help your business grow

Participation in events and activities of the Chamber provide professional and development opportunities for “networking”. To help your business grow, the PRCC organizes over 50 training activities annually for immediate implementation and offers over 40 free activities to strengthen the competitiveness of your business.

Institutional Events

(exposure in the community for our members)

    • New Members Initiation
    • Meet the Board of Directors Candidates Luncheon
    • Business After 6
    • Members Luncheon
    • B2B Networking Meettings

Educational Curriculum

Workshops and conferences covering current topics in the following areas:

    • Healthcare
    • Economic Perspective
    • Technology
    • Economic Development
    • Entrepreneurs and Consumers Confidence Index
    • Energy 
    • Labor Laws
    • Entrepreneurship
    • e-Commerce

Brand Events

    • Puerto Rico Conference
    • Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference
    • Foro Gobierno y Empresa Privada
    • Foro de Perspectivas Económicas

Annual Convention

Event where members and potential candidates for leadership position within the chamber meet in order to network and participate in an array of social and educational events:

    • Members Annual Assembly
    • Business Center
    • Exhibitions of products and services
    • Internationally renowed guest speakers
    • Awards to selected members for their outstanding business and social performance

Work Committees’ Educational Seminars

(FREE for our members)

These seminars provide our members services that increase the quality of their membership. Year after year we strive to find alternatives that offer added value to the membership. The Seminars concentrate on issues related to the business environment and effective management.

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