Supports equality in the funds allocated to Puerto Rico
to boost our economic growth.

Puerto Rico Equality Pledge (PREP)

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information regarding the future of our beloved Puerto Rico. Our island faces tremendous challenges that we must resolve together in order to take Puerto Rico into a new era of prosperity and resiliency after hurricane Maria, earthquakes and a pandemic.

Three of those challenges are:

    • Medicare/Medicaid funding crisis our healthcare system confronts
    • Nutritional assistance program vital transition to the supplemental nutritional assistance program that would provide billions in new assistance to the island
    • New tax incentives for our manufacturing sector in Puerto Rico which accounts for fifty percent of our Gross Domestic Product

Your signature will add you to several organizations and individuals that have already signed on while we took the pledge to our boricua brothers and sisters in Orlando and Miami.

The PREP is a document we will deliver to the appropriate stakeholder in Congress in the key commissions with jurisdiction over each of the three items of this pledge. We must show our force and importance before the midterms in November. This is the last chance for some of this issues to avoid an economic funding cliff that could be devastating to the island’s future. Over two thirds of our population could be adversely affected if we do not achieve the goals of this Pledge.

We urge you to sign this pledge as an individual and as entities to add your support to the most important matters for our island before the United States Congress. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at 787-721-6060 or  email us at

Directora Ejecutiva

What are the Federal Affairs Chamber Educational Series(FACES) and the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge (PREP)?

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