Message from the Director

Message from the Legal & Legislative Affairs Director

Leonel Barreto, Esq.

Tel. 787-721-6060, Ext. 2208 | E-mail:

Being the largest multi sector organization in Puerto Rico and the only one that covers all and each one of the business sectors of our country, for the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is always necessary to orchestrate every proposal with the interests of the concerned sectors; occasionally in agreement and in other occasions in disagreement.

Nevertheless, we have the privilege of having a conglomerate of experiences and actions that translate in the institutional Norms rule our chamber’s destiny. These statutes are the best reflection of the invaluable legacy of the Chamber of Commerce, a summary of our institutional history that gives life and continuity to our Institution.

Based on the principles institutionalized through our norms and supported by the power of our constituents and affiliates, the Technical and Legislative Services Division of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, represents the opinion of private enterprise. Nourished by the work of the Lobbying and Legislation Committee and the various sectors work cells of our organization, it unites all sectors of the entrepreneurial spheres to create one voice for the private enterprise. Primarily, it addresses and manages public opinion matters that belong to local entrepreneurship matters at the state, municipal or federal level, while it allows business owners and members to concentrate themselves in running their businesses.

Of course, our work is never done without the invaluable cooperation of all our members. We invite you to give us your opinion in matters that affect your enterprises or part of your businesses, your support for our actions and also your criticism. All this helps us to adequately represent the Voice of Private Enterprise.


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