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Julio 2024

July 23

Brand new episode: Cámara ACTIVA

In today’s episode, we had special guests discussing crucial current issues for the country’s entrepreneurs:

Pica y se Extiende: LUMA and the Electrical Service in Puerto Rico

Engineer José “Pepe” Izquierdo, along with Engineer Juan F. Alicea Flores, Energy Consultant at BDJ Energy Services and former president of CIAPR and PREPA, addressed various aspects related to energy instability in Puerto Rico. They discussed how this uncertainty affects everyone and what measures can be taken to solve the problem. Alicea Flores provided examples of similar situations in Long Island and how they were resolved, highlighting the importance of a smart grid and the issues renewable energy is causing in the current electrical system. He concluded by explaining why it is necessary to restore control of the energy system to the country.

July 16

Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce seeks to influence political platforms to promote the return of Puerto Ricans to the island and facilitate economic development.

In preparation for the November elections, the private sector institution aims to include its proposals to enhance quality of life and foster greater economic development.

July 9

Multisector Letter to Judge Laura Taylor Swain Regarding Electricity Rate Increase

We are writing to you as representatives of various sectors of Puerto Rican society to reiterate our strong opposition to further increases in electricity rates to pay off debt bonds of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

Many of our organizations, along with nearly 800 individuals, have already submitted objections to the proposed Debt Adjustment Plan (DAP) of PREPA because it will impose an unsustainable burden on our archipelago’s economy and electrical system. We are deeply concerned that PREPA bondholders, emboldened by the recent ruling of the First Circuit Court of Appeals, are pressing for an even greater payment.

July 2

Private Sector Associations File Legal Action to Halt Implementation of New Minimum Wage Increase

San Juan, PR – July 1, 2024 — In a significant move, six private sector associations have joined forces to file a legal action in the San Juan First Instance Court to halt the implementation of the new hourly minimum wage, scheduled to take effect tomorrow, July 1. The petition requests the Court to stop the current minimum wage increase to $10.50 per hour.

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