Legislation and Advocacy

Advocacy in action to benefit our Members


The participation of the PRCC in matters affecting the private sector is an essential part of its mission. We strive to maintain an active presence before the Legislative Assembly and other governmental and private entities to defend the interests of this sector and support beneficial changes and legislation that allows for sustainable economic development in Puerto Rico.

We do this strictly following the principles of free enterprise and sustainable economic development detailed in our Statute and Assembly Resolutions. The evaluation of each measure is carried out by determining its impact on the economy and on trade, keeping out political-partisan motivations or considerations. All with the intention of strengthening the development of our constituents, providing knowledge, multisectoral representation and protecting the values of the private sector.

We have achieved important alliances that allow us to maintain a presence in Washington D.C. on very important topics such as health funds (Medicaid, Medicare), nutritional assistance funds and others. These alliances with non-profit entities have allowed us to expand our field of action and have our message reach a wider audience. The Chamber also keeps its members aware of important legal developments through its weekly publications, emails, articles or information activities.

Scope of our Legislative Action and Advocacy

    • Negotiate and support legislation favorable to the private sector.
    • Stop legislation or unfavorable determinations that affect economic development and businesses.
    • Prepare and present testimony before legislative committees.
    • Appear at legislative and government agency public hearings in order to set forth the Chamber’s position.
    • Support and lobby in favor of the private sector at the municipal level, the courts or any competent forum.
    • Report on legislation in progress.
    • Report new laws that impact the business sector.
    • Meet with government leaders to discuss and find development alternatives for the private sector and the economy.

Legislative Report

“Informe Legislativo” (Legislative Report) is available to our members. This digital publication is produced by our Director of Legal and Legislative Services, Liza García, Esq.

This report presents a updated summary of the projects in which the PRCC is working on and those that its following through the legislative process. At the end of each session, a more detailed report will be published specifying each new law approved that can positively or negatively affect our members. Links to the presented projects are included so the reader could make his own analysis.

We appreciate your feedback to improve the report and make it a useful tool for everyone. You can direct your comments to:  lgarcia@camarapr.net

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