ZENITH… point of the celestial hemisphere above the horizon… climactic point or moment of apogee of a person or thing… Perfection, culmination, splendor, fullness and magnificence.

The Zenit Prize is made of glass and molten glass mosaics. In a three-dimensional way, it forms a globe that presents a body of colors emulating the rainbow in an iridescent glass base.

With this range of colors and litmus melted in transpartent glass and mounted in Imbuia wood, Puerto Rican artist Vilma Jové designed the Zenit Awards for the PRCC.

Jové, who stands out for his designs in wood and glass, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Puerto Rico and a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Directora Ejecutiva

We award the Zenit Award to excellence in performance of businessmen and women, entities and associations of our island during our Convention.

Zenit Award - Real Estate

We award the Zenit Award to excellence in performance of businessmen and women, entities and associations of our island during our Convention.

Zenit Award - Construction

Congratulations! BLDM has been awarded the Zenit Award in the construction sector. This award recognizes the contribution of companies to economic development and their commitment to the community. We thank the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce for such an honorable distinction.

Special Recognition by the President

“…we were awarded this recognition due to the role of the CTPR in the economic recovery of the sector, the numbers obtained in 2021 in various areas, such as air access and hotel occupancy, and for prioritizing Sustainable Tourism in its destination development strategy. In addition, during the event our executive director, Carlos Mercado, participated with Michael Brown, CEO of Travel + Leisure and former governor Luis Fortuño Burset of the panel “Tourism Outlook Luncheon Keynote. In the same way, we congratulate the PRISA Group for having been awarded the Zenith award aimed at the Tourism sector.”

Special Recognition by the President

Centro CRECE receives Special Recognition from the President of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce! The distinction highlights Centro CRECE’s contributions to establish policies that promote economic freedom.

Special Recognition by the President

We are honored to receive recognition from the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its President, who highlight MCS’s commitment to collaborative and multisectoral work to promote puerto Rico’s economic development and the dissemination of the message about parity of funds in federal and local programs. Together we make a difference!

Teodoro Moscoso Award

“…One day I dreamed of being a young entrepreneur and inspiring others that dreams can be achieved. I had the great honor of receiving the Teodoro Moscoso Award 2022, which is aimed at young entrepreneurs. It really was a surprise for me, I was filled with energy to continue. We don’t work thinking about receiving awards, we work with the heart. When we work with the heart to help others come surprises like these that are a confirmation that we are on the right track. Thank you to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and all the employees of the office for believing in me and supporting the young college students.”

Zenit Award Innovation

CultivateAI would like to thank the Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico for the Zenit Award 2022 Innovation Category! A special thanks to the resilient Growers of Puerto Rico who despite challenges with rugged topography and extreme weather, these Growers continue to innovate and provide hundreds of diverse crop types. It’s an honor to work in the Ag Industry in Puerto Rico!

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