CCPR achieves important support for the recovery of FIONA and for the PR Equality Pledge in partnership with the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC) and the PR House of Representatives

September 29, 2022, San Juan, P.R.—As part of its commitment to the country and after the devastation caused after the passage of Hurricane Fiona through the island. A delegation representing the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC), is in the United States with the purpose of promoting and providing greater support through the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge, this as part of the effort called “Federal Affairs Chamber Education Series” (FACES) of the PRCC, which aims to educate and lobby for a common agenda for Puerto Rico, not only in Congress and the Federal Government, but through third sector organizations from a business perspective.

“We have had over 15 meetings to provide summaries of the damage from Hurricane Fiona and in those meetings we have also achieved support and continued negotiations to achieve the objectives of the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge among important leaders and organizations in New York, Newark, Orlando, Miami and on Capitol Hill. In addition, we achieved strong support from the religious sector through an alliance with the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC) that places the objectives of the PRCC and Puerto Rico closer to being achieved,” said Cameron Mckenzie, president of the PRCC.

The Puerto Rico Equality Pledge is a collective advocacy effort aimed at congressmen taking real action to do justice to U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico. Promotes fair and equitable treatment in federal health care programs for all U.S. Hispanic citizens, including PR; raises the level of urgency related to specific concerns that affect the benefits, access to care and infrastructure of the system and supports facing together as an island the challenges to lead Puerto Rico to a new era of prosperity and resilience after Hurricane Maria, earthquakes, the pandemic and now the crisis after hurricane Fiona.

“On the issue of Medicare/Medicaid, we were informed from the office of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, that they are aware of the problem of economic resources and will attend to it by bus at the end of this year. Securing the necessary funding for Puerto Rico’s health program is critical. Without light and without a health system, then our people do move to us. These are our priorities: health and consistent and reliable energy. That’s why we came and that’s why the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge is high priorities,” said Kenneth Rivera Robles, former president and head of Manufacturing and Tax Affairs issues at the PRCC.

This initiative also seeks support for the bill HR 7997 of the House of Representatives in the United States, which aims to achieve equity in the services of the Medicare Savings Program before the midterm elections in Congress.

“The Chamber of Commerce brought us closer to the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge and we immediately put ourselves in God’s hands to work hard to achieve the right partnerships to achieve the goals of the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge: Medicare/Medicaid Funds, conversion of the nutrition assistance program for those who cannot afford it to the supplemental food program that would bring $2 trillion of new manufacturing funds and incentives. to maintain the manufacturing sector on the island. We will continue in continuous prayer and strong union with the PRCC to make the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge a reality,” said Pastor Gabriel Salguero, president of NALEC.

While PRCC Vice President Che Julio Aparicio, said “This effort of the Federal Affairs Committee of the PRCC has been working for 5 years and we have developed important alliances in the Federal Congress, in the sectors allied to both national parties in Congress such as the “think tanks” including the powerful American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) along with the vital and fundamental sectors of Faith and with our local allies who traveled with we of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico in a BIPARTITE manner through its president Rafael “Tatito” Hernández, the majority spokesman Ángel Matos and the representative of San Juan, Eddie Charbonier. We are now beginning to see the fruits of this Puerto Rico Equality Pledge effort. We are hopeful that all Puerto Ricans and allies will sign it,” he concluded.

Agenda and results of the delegation’s visits to the United States:

New York

Meetings with NALEC religious leaders in the Bronx and the support of five congregations was achieved for the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge

Support from NY State Senator Luis Sepulveda for the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge.


Meetings with NALEC religious leaders and With The Deputy Mayor of the City Jackelyn Quiles and Newark Councilman Luis A. Quintana

Washington DC

Over 15 meetings with congressmen and their closest legislative teams to achieve the objectives of the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge

Meeting with the head of Nancy Pelosi’s task force, Congressman Pete Aguilar, the ranked No. 6 in the Democratic majority, Congressman Ritchie Torres, The staffers of Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Luis Fortuño.

AARP was able to initiate a congressional lobbying effort to achieve the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge.

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Contact: Karen Garnik, APR


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