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Presidency: Ramón A. Pérez Blanco, Esq., CPCU

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June 2024

June 19

111 Annual Assembly

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) introduced its new president, attorney Luis E. Pizarro Otero, founder, president, and CEO of FIDE LLC, and announced the new members of its Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term during its annual assembly held last night at the Center for Puerto Rico. The new members are: attorney Margaret Ramírez Báez, president-elect; the newly elected directors are: Joanellis Fernández, Glorymar Rivera, and Melvin Vega; and the newly elected Affiliated Associations are: Asociación Hecho en Puerto Rico, Asociación de Hoteles y Turismo de Puerto Rico, and the Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Puerto Rico.


June 11

Access our new episode of Cámara Activa today

From the studios of our member, Infinito TV, we discussed several relevant topics during today’s program, in our sections of interest along with our guests, that are happening in the country, in the PR Chamber of Commerce, and in the private sector:


May 2024

May 28

Access our new episode of Cámara Activa today, where we offer you a recap:

Stay Updated with Your Chamber: Attorney Ramón Pérez Blanco and Elaine M. Saldaña, Esq., CPA, MBA, Chief Legal Counsel of Óptima Seguros, discuss the factor of insurance costs, an important topic in the Demographic Challenge Study presented during the 2024 Convention. In Puerto Rico, the cost is more affordable and can be an attractive factor to draw the diaspora. Our guest offered her reaction and evaluation of the study and provided further insights during the episode.

Expanding Horizons: Attorney José “Che” Julio Aparicio and Attorney Karla Mercado Rivera, Administrator and Chief Procurement Officer of the General Services Administration (ASG), provided guidance on how you can become a government supplier.

The Expert Voice: Attorney Liza García will present the Candidates for the Board of Directors. Learn about their plans for the Institution and discover what sets them apart in the business world.

Making a Mark with Social Impact: With Maribel Cruz Roldán, CPC, and Lydia R. Figueroa Cuevas, Executive Director of Fundación Triple S, who presented the foundation’s initiatives and objectives.

May 21

Business after 6 @Islandwide Engine Room

Last Thursday, May 16, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its Members Committee successfully held their “Business After 6” event at the Engine Room of Islandwide. Members and guests learned about the discount program and solutions offered by Islandwide to help grow their businesses. Additionally, they enjoyed a night of great camaraderie.

May 14

Camara ACTIVA, 2024 Convention and Puerto Rico Health Insurance Conference

With our newsletter, we keep our members and followers informed about the most notable events and the latest updates. Discover everything that happened during today’s episode of the Cámara Activa Program, relive the key moments of our 2024 Convention, and learn about the main topics discussed at the Puerto Rico Health Insurance conference.

April 2024

April 23

Luquillo and the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico join efforts to strengthen the development of businesses.

With the participation of over 40 local merchants and entrepreneurs, the Municipal Administration of Luquillo joined forces with the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico (CCPR) to hold a successful B2B Business Circle event, an initiative that, in partnership with local governments, strengthens the development of existing businesses and fosters greater commercial activity throughout the region.

The event, which took place at the facilities of the Hotel Fairfield by Marriott at Luquillo Beach, captured the attention of merchants from the food industry, services, pharmacies, tourism, manufacturing, and others, who shared their experiences and success stories to integrate into the business world.

The activity opened with the participation of attorney Ramón Pérez Blanco, president of the CCPR, who recognized the decisive contribution of the Municipal Administration of Luquillo in convening the business sector “not only to hold this event but to promote a schedule of continuous education activities that enhance the marketing skills, customer service, and empowerment of these local merchants.”

April 16

Visiting our newest member: Meet your Finance

Our President, Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco, and the Executive Director, Lcda. Liza Garcia, visited the Old San Juan offices of new partner Luis Millet, founder of Meet Your Finance.

At Meet Your Finance, they are committed to building a future where financial education is a tool to empower young people and fight poverty. They will begin offering workshops at high schools and colleges in San Juan in the upcoming school semester.

With the support of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and other collaborators, they plan to bring these activities to young people, who will have access to the educational platform, Meet Your Finance Academy. Their goal: to empower the next generation to achieve financial independence.

April 9

Meeting with the Central Office for Recuperation, Recovery and Resilience (COR3)

Our President, Attorney Ramón Pérez Blanco, the President-Elect, Attorney Luis Eduardo Pizarro-Otero LL.M., and the Executive Director, Attorney Liza García Vélez, met at COR3 with its Executive Director, Manuel A.J. Laboy, PE, MBA, to coordinate efforts in Washington DC. An action plan and collaboration were agreed upon to continue the progress of the reconstruction across the island.[READ MORE]

April 2

Cámara Activa

TWelcome to today’s episode! Here’s a sneak peek:

Have you ever wondered what Hecho en Puerto Rico is doing to boost our economy? We explore this topic with Agro. Jorge Ramírez, its president.

We delve into the debate on Public Policy vs. Legislation. What is the true driver of sustainable economic development? To answer this question, we have Lymaris Otero, Executive Director of ACDET and President of The 4Strategic Group.

And we couldn’t overlook the importance of product availability on shelves and the impact of inventory tax on our local economy. Francisco J. Cabrero Ojeda, Past President of Hecho en Puerto Rico, Inc. and President of Profesional Market Research, shared his expert insights on this crucial topic.

To top it off, we also present the story of El Comedor de la Kennedy, led by its founder, Chef Iván Clemente.

Don’t miss the opportunity to access previous episodes and other interesting videos: @CamaraComercioPR[READ MORE]

March 2024

March 19

Interviw in news program En la Mañana

The program En la Mañana, on Tele Once Puerto Rico, Sonia Valentín and Catherine Paola Castro discussed the issue of permits in Puerto Rico. They are accompanied by our President, Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco, Jesús Santa Rodríguez, Representative for the PDP and Lcda. Jaymarie Correa, CEO of SOS Permits.[READ MORE]

March 12

Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Reacts to Measures to Amend Permit Processes

The president of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, Attorney Ramón Pérez Blanco, commented on the various projects announced by the legislature regarding the streamlining of permits in the country, news that was published by media outlets today.[READ MORE]

March 5

Rivera Schatz hosts a Conversation with Professional Women highlighting their contributions and challenges in Puerto Rico

Thomas Rivera Schatz, the spokesperson for the PNP in the Senate, conducted the “Women Transforming” Conversation, where six businesswomen from different sectors discussed their personal success stories, experiences, and individual challenges, as well as common issues and challenges.

This productive dialogue aimed to identify legislative needs, public policy, and administrative actions necessary to encourage more women to reach leadership positions in the private sector. It also sought to outline the tools necessary to facilitate workplace equality and eliminate discrimination.[READ MORE]

February 2024

February 20

Winners of the Puerto Rico Conecta Tournament announced Chamber of Commerce and Made in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) and the Made in Puerto Rico Association (HPR) announced the winners of the first edition of the tournament: Puerto Rico Conecta, a joint initiative of both private sector guilds that took place at Palmas Athletic Club in Humacao. The sporting event benefited with an economic contribution to the Center for Puerto Rico and the Kennedy Dining Room, two renowned non–profit entities that collaborate with communities in areas of community self–management and food.[READ MORE]

February 13

PR Chamber of Commerce travels to Washington DC with a full work agenda

Delegation prioritizes meetings with administration officials and congressmen in the Nation’s Capital to address a variety of issues affecting the quality of life of Puerto Ricans[READ MORE]

February 6

Business after Six at Ambar Infiniti San Juan

Last Thursday, February 1st, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its Partners Committee celebrated its Business After 6 at Ambar INFINITI San Juan with great success. Members and guests enjoyed an evening of great camaraderie. We thank Motorambar, Inc. for their excellent treatment and service, as well as the appetizers and drinks with which they delighted our guests.[READ MORE]

January 2024

January 30

Program: Camara ACTIVA

We are launching in 2024 with our digital TV show ‘Active Camera’. Discover the details of the Golf Tournament, information about the construction sector in Puerto Rico, the affiliated associations and the third sector of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, and how we can help your company. [READ MORE]

January 23

Interview in Noticentro al Amanecer

Our President, Ramon Perez Blanco and the President of Hecho en Puerto Rico, Jorge Ramirez, in an interview on Noticentro al Amanecer on WAPA TV to talk about the 1st Golf Tournament: Puerto Rico Connects.

Strength lies in unity and this is a unique opportunity to compete and connect with partners from both associations. [READ MORE]

January 9

Summary of Achievements

The United Retail Center and the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce have played a pivotal role in Puerto Rico’s historic development and growth. Over the years, these two institutions have faced various challenges and achieved remarkable successes that have left a significant mark on the island. In a special episode of Notiséis 360, broadcast on December 19, journalist Félix Alemán had the opportunity to speak with the president of the CUD, Lourdes Aponte, and the executive director of the CCPR, Lcda. Liza García, exploring the milestones and challenges that have marked the path of both organizations. [READ MORE]


December 19

Christmas Party

Last Thursday, December 14, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce held its big Christmas Party at Hacienda Santa Ana (Ron del Barrilito). Members and guests enjoyed a great Christmas revelry with good music, delicious typical dishes with roast suckling pig and craft cocktails based on Barrelito Rum. During the activity, the Memorial Gift was also presented to Immediate Former President Cameron McKenzie, flanked by several Past Presidents of the PRCC. [READ MORE]

December 12

Interview at La Nación Z

Incredible interview last Thursday with our President, Lcdo. Ramon Perez Blanco, on 93.7Zeta 93fm Puerto Rico Nación Z! He spoke with Saudy Rivera and Eddie Lopez about the Super PAC, created in March 2023. The fundamental purpose: to identify legislators from all parties committed to development and economic freedom, as well as to support the private sector to operate in a more competitive economy. [READ MORE]

December 6

The Economic Impact of Status in Puerto Rico

Yesterday the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce held with great success its Forum: The Economic Effects of Status in Puerto Rico, organized by the former President and Advisor to the President, CPA & Lcdo. Kenneth Rivera Robles.

As part of our commitment to help promote the socioeconomic well-being of our Island, the CCPR organized this event with the goal of educating, informing and raising awareness about the economic implications of a change in Puerto Rico’s political status. [READ MORE]


November 21

CCPR Reveals State of consumer and business confidence in the current economic outlook

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) revealed this week the state of the confidence levels of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and consumers, given the economic outlook facing the island, as reflected by the most recent economic studies carried out for the business institution. The data aims to provide a glimpse into economic and demographic trends across sectors to make it easier for retailers to plan and develop strategies for 2024. [READ MORE]

November 14

Chamber of Commerce Holds Forum to Discuss Financial Challenges of Puerto Rico’s Health Ecosystem

“Healthy Company” Preventive Health Program Presented for Employers and Employees

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) held a conclave that brought together private sector leaders, experts and senior government officials to discuss the financial challenges facing Puerto Rico’s health system. As part of the forum, CCPR announced the launch of the Healthy Company program and its new vaccination campaign for employers and employees, which begins this November. [READ MORES]

November 7

Business after 6

Last Friday, November 3, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its Members Committee held their Business After 6 at the Camarero Racetrack with great success. The Mayor of the Municipality of Canóvanas, the Hon. Lornna J. Soto Villanueva, and the Executive Director of the Local Labor Development Area-Northeast, Mr. Ramsés J. Aguayo, joined us that evening. Members and guests enjoyed networking enlivened with a cocktail while a memorable horse racing show was offered. We thank the Camarero Group for their excellent treatment and service, as well as the appetizers and drinks with which they delighted our guests. [READ MORE]


October 21

IWide Business Cocktail MIx

Last Thursday, October 26th, the President & CEO of Islandwide, Mr. Pedro J. Rosaly and his management team received a group of cameramen at their facilities in Guaynabo to present their IWide Business program. The activity concluded with a pleasant cocktail of fraternization. We thank Mr. Rosaly and his team for their commendable contribution in providing CCPR partners with this excellent benefit in order to help expand their businesses. [READ MORE]

October 24

Rebuilding Communities with Hope

Last Wednesday, our executive director, Lcda. Liza García, met with Vilmarie Rivera Sierra, Executive Director of REHACE, with the purpose of continuing the collaboration between the business sector and REHACE. We continue to develop impactful environments, for the good of our communities. [READ MORE]

October 17

Chamber of Commerce Announces Results of Social Responsibility Study During Forum: “Private Enterprise as an Agent of Social Transformation”

La Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico (CCPR) dio a conocer los resultados del primer estudio comisionado por la institución para examinar las prácticas de responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE) de sus socios, esto como parte del foro “La empresa privada como agente de transformación social”, celebrado en San Juan. [READ MORE]

October 10

Congressional Breakfast in Puerto Rico

Last Friday, October 6, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its Federal Affairs Committee held their Congressional Breakfast in Puerto Rico with the participation of Representatives Jenniffer González Colón-R-PR and Ritchie Torres-D-NY, and retired Congressman and Managing Partner of NWG Advocacy Jerry Weller, who shared with the audience what is happening in the U.S. Congress and how the new political reality affects the Puerto Rico’s agenda. [READ MORE]

October 3

The Zenith Investor: Access to capital for SMEs and the companies that nurture and sustain them

In recent years, the challenges faced by SME owners in Puerto Rico and the United States in accessing capital have become increasingly remarkable. As interest rates rise and approval criteria for all types of loans become stricter, the struggle to raise funds for the operation and growth of thousands of businesses intensifies. [READ MORE]


September 26

Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce in the federal capital insists on the importance of the transition to SNAP and remaking the electricity grid

Chamber of Commerce delegation takes complaints to Congress and the Department of Energy. 

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) last week began a new round of visits to government officials from the executive and legislative branches in the federal capital, focused on promoting the transition from the Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN) to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the reconstruction of the island’s electrical system. [READ MORE]

September 19

A flexible and fluid labour market

Human capital is the most important asset of any company. No matter the economic sector where the merchant, businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist, and/or owner operates, there will be no economic success for that company if it does not recognize and accept the first sentence as an absolute rule. The employee goes above the customers. Sometimes above the entrepreneur himself. [READ MORE]

September 12

Visiting Ferries del Caribe

The President of Ferries del Caribe, Nestor Gonzalez, received yesterday our President, Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco and the Executive Director, Lcda. Liza Garcia. We are grateful for the tour of the facilities of this purely Puerto Rican company, and the lunch on this cargo and passenger vessel to the Dominican Republic.[READ MORE]

September 5

Visit to the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce

Productive meeting with Alonso Elizondo, executive director of the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, organizing the next steps in the bilateral trade agenda. This follow-up in Costa Rica is the result of our collaboration agreement with the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROMOCOMER) and conversations with the Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, Manuel Tovar Rivera. Thanks to our President Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco for the continuity of the work during the presidency of Cameron McKenzie.[READ MORE]


August 29

Op-Ed: The intent of Congress with PROMESA

A little over seven years ago, the U.S. government approved the PROMESA law. That statute, which has drawn criticism and praise, arrived at a critical financial moment to provide a legal mechanism to allow Puerto Rico’s government to renegotiate a debt of tens of billions and avoid the dire economic consequences of default. [READ MORE]

August 22

Last Friday, August 18, the President of the CCPR, Lcdo. Ramon Perez Blanco signed a collaboration agreement with the Georgia Latino Chamber of Commerce (LACC) to promote business exchange.[READ MORE]

August 15

Orientation Leaders-University Chapters of the Chamber of Commerce

Last Friday, August 11th, our University Chapters held an inspiring and enriching event at Parallel18 where they explored the keys to effective leadership. They shared successful experiences from university chapters and discussed how to bring entrepreneurship and innovation to campus. They offered interactive sessions, inspiring stories, Planning Workshops and networking. They were attended by our executive director, Lcda. Liza Garcia. [READ MORE]

August 8

Experience Puerto Rico 2023

The International Forum of Local Governments, held yesterday at the Sheraton Convention Center, was attended by mayors, governors, elected and government officials from the Caribbean, Central America, South America and the United States, and shared ideas on good practices to achieve decentralized governance. Our Executive Director, Lcda. Liza Garcia was one of the presenters. [READ MORE]

August 2

ROUNDTABLE WITH THE MEDIA Leadership of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce presents work plan for 2023 – 2024

One of the priorities is greater collaboration with private sector entities and the third sector.
The leadership of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) held a meeting with the press to reveal the details of its work plan for the rest of 2023 and the first half of 2024. The plan is a strategic pillar to strengthen the institution’s position as a voice for the private sector and attract new members.[READ MORE]


July 26

Business Owners See No Progress on Energy and Permitting

Two private sector leaders say the government needs to do more to bring stability to businesses and industries

Perez Blanco said he favors the governor’s proposal to pass a tax reform that would offer tax benefits to Puerto Rican investors. [READ MORE]

July 19

President’s Point of View at ENDI: Beyond the Rain of Millions: Developing Native Capital

As a result of the adversities of recent years, Puerto Rico has benefited from an unexpected injection of billions of dollars into our economy. Those funds include the corresponding federal pandemic recovery funds, health care policyholders, insurers’ compensation after recent natural disasters, and more. The flow of funds is historic and represents a generational opportunity to rebuild the country. This rain of funds is accompanied, in turn, by clouds that cast a shadow over certain realities that we are not necessarily preventing or openly discussing. [READ MORE]

July 12

Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Swears in New President and Board of Directors 2023-2024

Yesterday afternoon, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) celebrated the swearing-in of its new president, Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco, its president-elect, Lcdo. Luis E. Pizarro Otero, and his new Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 period during their first meeting of the CCPR fiscal year. The meeting, held at the Royal Sonesta San Juan in Isla Verde, was attended by about thirty professionals from various commercial and business sectors of the country. Pérez Blanco thanked for taking a step forward, and leading a great effort from the CCPR to support and contribute to the growth of Puerto Rico’s business sector. [READ MORE]

July 5

Legislature Ends Regular Session Without Approving Tax Reform

Our president, Lcdo. Ramón Pérez Blanco, CPCU in an interview about the Tax Reform, with Aixa Vázquez in Noticentro al Amanecer:

There is no doubt that the desire and need to reduce rates not only for the private sector, but for individuals, was also something that we welcomed with good eyes. We ask the Legislature and the Political Leadership to take up this issue as a priority not only for the private sector but for the entire country in the next session. [READ MORE]

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