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Presidency: Cameron McKenzie

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

September 27

✅ FACES V and the Puerto Rico Equality Pledge
✅ After the storm, the aid arrives
✅ Governor Petitions Congress to Include Puerto Rico in Hurricane Fiona Relief Programs
✅ Treasury Department Reports Contributory Administration Measures in the Face of Hurricane Fiona Impact
✅ Nydia Velázquez Leads 7 Members of Congress in Letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security Requesting a One-Year Waiver of the Jones Act
✅ FEMA Helps Start Survivors’ Recovery in Puerto Rico One Week After Fiona

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September 22

✅ PRCC surveys the south of the island to support affected by Hurricane Fiona
✅ Support Line for our members
✅ Action Thursday
✅ EmergencY SME Incentives
✅ Emergency and Recovery Committee Tips
✅ FEMA Sends Hundreds of Additional Troops to Puerto Rico to Respond to Hurricane Fiona

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September 13

✅ The New eSports Economy: Our House Restaurant Bar
✅ San Juan Cruise Port
✅ Visit to the President of the Senate
✅ Government Asks Oversight Board for Amendments to Certified Plans in Support of Puerto Rico’s Municipalities
✅ FTC Convenes Advisory Group to Combat Scams Against Older Adults
✅ 5 angles of the economy to end 2022

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September 6

✅ Why should the Labor Reform be studied further?
✅ Action Thursday with MSO of Puerto Rico and AES Corporation
✅ Business after Six
✅ Meeting with Committee Chairs 2022-2023
✅ BBB Business Tip: How to spot and prevent contact form spam
✅ Testing Puerto Rico’s Economy with a Stress Test

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