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Presidency: Cameron McKenzie

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

March 21

✅ Business Finance Forum
✅ Women’s Advocate: Key to Economic Development
✅ Governor signs law that strengthens SMEs
✅ Chatbots, deepfakes, and voice clones: AI deception for sale
✅ FEMA Addresses Flood Risk in 25 Municipalities
✅ El Vocero: Puerto Rico Municipality Selected as One of the Best Destinations in the World


March 14

✅ Initiation of our University Chapters
✅ Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Does Not Support CRIM Proposal on Inventory Tax
✅ Governor announces millionaire loan to INDULAC to renovate and modernize processing plant milk
✅ FEMA Encourages Economic Development on Boardwalks
✅ Silicon Valley Bank and a New Systemic Risk Contagion
✅ US Chamber of Commerce:   How Women Are Navigating Change in the 2023 Workplace


March 7

✅ Presentation of Puerto Rican Business and Consumer Confidence Index and CEOs and Major Industries
✅ Reception for Appointment of the new Honorary Consul of Japan in Puerto Rico
✅ Business opportunities with the regions of the world
✅ Governor Reports Signing of Several Legislative Measures
✅ Congressional discrimination in health funds costs $29.9 billion annually
✅ El Vocero:   Wages increase but hours decrease


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