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Presidency:  Luis A. Gierbolini, Esq.

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

March 28

✅   Photos and Presentations from our CEO Day Event
✅   Interview @nacionz93.7
✅   @govpierluisi reiterates to the Oversight Board a request to counteract increase in fuel cost
✅  @fombpr approves renewable energy contracts
✅   #USChamber 4 Smart Enhanced Employee Benefits To Kickstart Recruiting
✅   #BBB Tip: How to identify a fake website
✅   @Colmena66 First San Juan Lunch & Learn
✅   In local news: Juncos plant generates 90% of Amgen’s pharmacists for 100 countries


March 23

✅   #faces2 in  Jugando Pelota Dura
✅   Governor Announces Inclusion Agreement on World Down Syndrome Day
✅   Errors when filing out your taxes: Reveneu answers your questions
✅   #USChamber 10 Business Leadership Styles and What They Mean
✅   SBA Celebrates Women’s History Month
✅   BBB Scam Alert: Google Business Profile messages might be a phishing scheme
✅   In local news: The commercial economic landscape of the Island is complicated


March 21

✅   #faces2 continues in Washington DC
✅   Puerto Rico will be part of the Alimentaria 2022 Fair in Barcelona
✅   #uschamberofcommerce How to Create Loyal Employees (and Why It Matters)
✅   President Joe Biden’s government management is going backwards
✅   #colmenas66 Support local entrepreneurship!
✅   In local news: Opportunity to practice inclusion


March 16

✅   #faces2 delegation in Washington DC
✅   Government of Puerto Rico strengthens relations with the cities of Orlando and Miami
✅   FEMA About $600,000 to address flooding in several towns
✅   #uschamberofcommerce 8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2022

✅   BBB Business Tip: 7 ways to market your local business on a low budget
✅   #colmenas66 PULSO: Small Business Support Program
✅   In local news: They claim that the medical cannabis industry faces an economic crisis


March 14

✅   B2B Business Networking
✅   Governor Reiterates Support for Puerto Rico Cooperatives
✅   FEMA approves more than $100 million for repairs to AAA’s sewer system
✅   #uschamberofcommerce 6 Text Message Marketing Tools for Small Business

✅   BBB Business Tip: How-to guide for business networking
✅   In local news: Exclusive: insurance fraud dangerous for the island


March 9

✅ The RED was present during the inauguration of the Butterfly Walk
✅  Fortaleza joins “Together for Pink” campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer on the island
✅  Thousands of U.S. Citizens Benefit from Federal Financial Aid
✅   LGBTQ+ Community:  The FTC wants to hear from you
✅   #uschamberofcommerce What’s the Difference Between PR and Marketing?
✅  In local news: Econo supermarkets and Adsef Digital: alliance for the benefit of the consumer


March 7

✅   Interviews, presentations and meetings #camaristaenaccion
✅   New Executive Order 2022-019
✅   FEMA: Fifty-five City Halls to Be Rebuilt with over $28.5 Million from FEMA
✅   #uschamberofcommerce How to Write Great Content for Your Website
✅   BBB Tip: 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report
✅   Colmena66 Enter the competition for “Capital Semilla” !
✅   In. local news: Residential Center for Educational Opportunities of Mayagüez recognizes the trajectory of professional women


March 3

✅ Summary of the Economic Outlook 2022 Forum
✅  Visit from PROFESA
✅  Tasting Pre-Opening the Chick-fil-A
✅ The NETWORK of Women Entrepreneurs and Professional Women informs
✅ @govpierluisi requests the Legislative Assembly to accept the return of the Labor Reform project
✅ FEMA: President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Major Disaster Declaration Amendment for Puerto Rico
✅ #uschamberofcommerce How to Make Your Business More Sustainable
✅ BBB Tip: How to use social media analytics to find opportunities for growth
In local news: Rising Food Costs Still Linked to Pandemic and Not Conflict in Ukraine


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