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Presidency: Hon. Cameron McKenzie

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

June 27

✅ Forum: Vaccination & Cancer Prevention and Treatment in Puerto Rico
✅ 13th World Chambers Congress
✅ Puerto Rico Veterinary and Agrological Laboratory to Have New Equipment After FEMA Assignment
✅ Harnessing the power of the knowledge economy creating Puerto Rico’s Minds@Work Program
✅ El Nuevo Dia Court ruling would reduce proposed increase to electricity rate


June 20

✅ Important event of the Chamber of Commerce and Department of Health to discuss vaccination strategies and cancer prevention in Puerto Rico
✅ 28th Golf Tournament
✅ 13th World Chambers Congress
✅Change of command in the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce
✅ El Nuevo Dia Fiscal Oversight Board Sets Eye on Health Crisis


June 14

✅ 110ma Annual Assembly
✅ Our Executive Director in an interview about the rise in the electricity bill and the repercussions on our economy
✅ Scholarship Awards 20222023
✅ Fraternization Activity Export Committee
✅ New Members Initiation & Business After 6


June 6

✅ Building Bridges to Global Markets Event
✅ Foundation for Puerto Rico deposes on Project 1557 before the Commission on Tourism and Cooperativism
✅ Fondos de FEMA garantizarán generadores para servir a las comunidades
✅ FEMA Funds to Ensure Generators to Serve Communities
✅ El Vocero:   PREPA’s Debt Adjustment Plan “is unsustainable for Puerto Rico”

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