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Presidency: Cameron McKenzie

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.


✅ Swearing in of the Board of Directors
✅ Our President in ACTION
✅ #uschamber 6 Ways to Stop Your Competitors From Stealing Your Best Employees
✅ #colmena66 Take advantage of these opportunities

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August 11

✅Puerto Rico Equality Pledge Tour
✅First Study on Working Women in Puerto Rico
✅Governor Allocates $17 Million for Research, Development and Evolution of Puerto Rico’s Bioscience Industry
✅Eight towns receive millionaire allocation for hurricane-safe rooms
✅#uschamber A House Called Hue Founder: ‘Stay Ready’ and ‘Don’t Doubt Yourself’

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August 8

✅Thursday of Action: Visit to Hoy Health
✅Visit to ALATA Innovation
✅Government announces more incentives for the island’s agricultural sector
✅Don’t click on that unforeseen text message. It’s a scam
✅#uschamber What to Do Right When Things Go Wrong: How to Regain Customer Trust
✅ THINK STRATEGICALLY: Puerto Rico’s Banks Defy the Odds

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August 3

✅Governor Announces Disbursement of $157 Million in Pandemic Food Assistance (P-EBT) for Students and Infants
✅A month after the filing of the payroll for seniors and low-income pensioners began, the Treasury has already disbursed over $60 million 
✅Scammers target victims of natural disasters. Detect their traps.
✅#uschamber Employee Handbook Templates for Your Small Business
✅ BBB Business Tip: 4 Marketing tips to help your small business attract new hires

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August 1

✅Treasury Department Sends Over 7,000 Notifications to Citizens Who Received Income That They Did Not Report or Who Are Not Listed as Bonafide Taxpayers
✅Are you selling things on the internet? We tell you how to avoid a scam
✅#uschamber What Is A Flow-Through Entity?
✅ BBB Scam Alert: Fraudulent QR codes continue to be used in a variety of scams


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