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Luis A. Gierbolini, Esq., President

@Camarapr aims to keep it’s members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities,  it does not endorse or sympathize with the notices included.

August 30, 2021

    • Association and Federation of Mayors meet with @Camarapr
    • @pedropierluisi Announces New Executive Order on #covid19
    • Over $200k in #telecommunications equipment for NGOS and Municipal Offices across #puertorico
    • @uschamber How to Choose #CyberInsurance
    • #BBB #BusinessTip: Your guide to requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination from customers
    • Doyou want your business to grow?  Register for the 1EXITO Program
    • In local and international news: Working Class will be rewardes: incentive granted to over 500,000 families 


August 25, 2021

    • Coffee with the President and President-Elect
    • Governor Pierluisi Announces Investment of Over $9 Million in Department of Public Safety Negotiated Equipment
    • #FDA Know your COVID-19 treatment options
    • #FEMA approves millionaire allocation for sports and cultural facilities
    • @uschamber 5 Insider Secrets for Website Success
    • #BBB Tip: Back to school Internet safety tips
    • Birling: Climate Change is Too Great to Ignore
    • In local and international news: DACO activates deceptive ads unit


August 23, 2021

    • Chamber of Commerce states its position for #minimumwage
    • New Executive Order 2021-064
    • #FDA Approves First #COVID19Vaccine
    • @uschamber #TalentRecruiters Insider Tips for Finding Talent in a Tough Hiring Market
    • BBB Business Tip: 3 behaviors to build trust and 3 behaviors to avoid
    • Fulcro Insurance celebrates its 40th Anniversary
    • Colmena66:How to validate your business idea?
    • In local and international news: Oracle Announces Commitment to Boost Its Global Renewable Energy Operations by 2025


August 18, 2021

    • @govpierluisi allocates $120 million to promote Puerto Rico as a tourist destination
    • Children’s Museum revitalized in Carolina with FEMA funds
    • @uschamber What are Employers Doing to Get Their Employees Vaccinated?
    • BBB Scam Alert: Aspiring social media influencers fall for phony sponsorships
    • In local and international news: Administration of a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine begins in Puerto Rico


August 16, 2021

    • Supreme Court upholds nullity of transport fares in the lawsuit filed by @Camarapr
    • Government announces the creation of over 700 new jobs in the medical device sector
    • @FEMA developed a free mobile app to make citizens better prepared for emergency incidents
    • @uschamber 3 Incentives to Encourage Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
    • @SBA a grant to #PuertoRico’s Small Business and Technology Development Centers (SBTDC) to help disadvantaged communities succeed
    • In local and international news: #TikTok advances by great strides and transforms the way brands relate to the public


August 11, 2021

    • Governor Announces Cultural Rescue with $50 Million ARPA Funds
    • Resource Centers for Storm Emergencies
    • BBB Tip: Pay for online shopping in installments? Sounds great! Be careful.
    • Mandating Employee Vaccinations? What You Need to Know
    • In local and international news: Pierluisi will issue a new executive order and announce a digital system to verify vaccination against COVID-19


August 9, 2021

    • Executive Order 2021-062
    • Tourism Guidelines
    • US Dept. of Commerce aims to increase the competitiveness of the U.S. education industry and attract more international students to educational institutions across the country
    • 3 Ways to Hire Wisely, Especially in a Tight Job Market
    • In local and international news: Mandatory vaccination card to enter T-Mobile District


August 4, 2021

    • Chamber of Commerce intercedes in ports dispute
    • Coffee with our President and 16 Puerto Rican businessmen
    • Rehabilitation of regional airports with millionaire allocation from FEMA is on its way
    • 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators
    • In local and international news: The SBA will fund women entrepreneurs on the island


August 2, 2021

    • Press Release: Greater stability for the Cannabis industry
    • 8 Popular Small Business Survey Tools
    • SBA announces up to $300K to fund Women’s Business Centers in Puerto Rico
    • Op-Ed: What makes or breaks Puerto Rico’s investment climate
    • International and National News: Puerto Rico’s National Anthem La Borinqueña was heard in Tokio thru the tears of Jasmin Camacho…


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