The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce rejects increase requested by LUMA Energy on the electric energy bill

(San Juan, Puerto Rico September 24, 2021) The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce   classified today as unfair and unnecessary the increase requested by LUMA Energy to the electricity tariff in Puerto Rico.

“I hope that the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau will side with Puerto Rico’s consumers and economic development in relation to this request and reject it,” said. Luis A. Gierbolini, President of the PR Chamber of Commerce.

“It is not possible that the inefficiencies in the production and distribution of energy of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority continue to be paid for by the consumer and private industry. Much less, when they cannot even be guaranteed  continuous quality service,” Gierbolini added.

Last week LUMA Energy  asked  the Energy Bureau for an increase in the electricity tariff for the last quarter of the year that exceeds 16% of the current rate. “It is not possible for merchants and consumers to continue to carry the cost of doing business in Puerto Rico. In addition to the cost of energy, we have to cover the millionaire cost of operating electric generators in our businesses due to energy fluctuations and blackouts, high permit costs, the inventory tax and now it is intended to reverse the labor reform, Gierbolini continued. “In this way it does not help the economic growth of Puerto Rico, many businesses leave or close, others leave Puerto Rico because of the costs related to it,” he concluded.

Contact: Sandra González

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