Labor Reform Attacks retailers in Puerto Rico


March 3, 2022 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) – The Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico (CCPR) demands that the Legislative Assembly and the Governor NOT approve the amended Labor Reform proposal, as it threatens Puerto Rican merchants and the investment climate on the Island, said the Lcdo. Luis Gierbolini, president of the Camaristas, through a press release.

“It is totally incompatible to say that the business climate in Puerto Rico will be strengthened with the approval of this legislative project that has been amended inconsistently, on the run and without the possibility of discussing the repercussions with economic data. We have been warning the Governor and the Legislators for more than 6 months that this measure affects the pharmacy of his town, the hardware store, the grocery store, the restaurant, the store, the gomera, all the businesses that serve his community, “said Gierbolini.

The President of the Camaristas added, “to think that these amendments do not affect from microentrepreneurs to companies that are considering doing business on the Island is to be alienated from the economic reality that is lived. They are closing the doors to those who try to maintain their businesses, minimizing the possibilities of business investment and above all giving another blow to the consumer.”

“Constant changes to these labor laws affect the stability and climate of doing business in Puerto Rico. With the increases in the price of electricity, water, wages it is clear that the merchant can not assume everything and the consumer will be affected and inflation continues to rise. The analysis cannot revolve only around the worker to be fair, the impact on the consumer and the environment of the world situation has to be evaluated,” said Gierbolini.

“When you review the proposal there are only 3 paths for business: you assume it in 100%, which is totally unrealistic; you divide the expenditure among the consumer, but it is undeniable that the legislation affects it directly; or you reduce staff or lay off employees. There are no magic formulas, that’s the reality,” Gierbolini said.

“We can’t keep looking to the past. If they want different results, we must act differently, we reiterate our commitment to the evaluation of the measures with an economic perspective,” concluded the chamber leader. This is a claim of the guilds and the private sector in Puerto Rico that includes the Affiliated Associations of the CCPR such as The Retail Trade Association, ASORE, Made in Puerto Rico, the Association of Community Pharmacies, among others.

Sandra González

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