Greater stability for the Cannabis industry

July 30, 2021 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCPR) will follow up on the new law establishing employment protections for medical cannabis patients, the Lcdo said. Luis A. Gierbolini Rodríguez, president of the Chamber, through a press release.

“With this measure Puerto Rico joins jurisdictions that have laws to give confidence to those patients who legally use medical cannabis products. “Earlier this year and as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s 12-point Economic Development Plan, our support and suggestions were presented to the Legislative Assembly on this bill that became Law No. 15 of July 29, 2021. We are pleased that they have accepted part of our recommendations to give greater stability to the Cannabis industry in Puerto Rico, said the President of the PRCC.

The “Cannabis and Hemp Committee” of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce has promoted several legislative initiatives to promote the growth of a new economy based on a solid legal framework. “The protection of medical cannabis patients in their employment centers offers citizens the opportunity to take advantage of a medical treatment for their conditions, without having to worry that they may be penalized at work,” explained Teresita Santiago, Second Vice President of the CCPR and past president of the “Cannabis and Hemp Committee”.

The Act directs the Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board in conjunction with the Department of Labor and Human Resources to adopt such regulations and administrative measures as necessary to achieve the objectives of the Act, within ninety (90) days of its passage. “We will now be following up and supporting the agencies concerned as a collaborative arm to ensure that clear guidelines are established for employers and employees,” said Georyanne Ríos, First Vice-President of the CCPR and current chair of the Institution’s “Cannabis and Hemp Committee”. “We must give clarity, security and certainty to the subsequent processes to ensure the development and consolidation of this industry in Puerto Rico,” concluded President Gierbolini. The CCPR remains actively participating with the Economic Development Bank evaluating viable alternatives to address the lack of banking and financial services for the cannabis industry on the island.


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