Chamber of Commerce intercedes in ports dispute

August 4, 2021 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) has asked the parties involved to intervene directly in the workers’ employer dispute that exists between the company “Luis Ayala Colón, Inc.” and the Union ILA 1740, representatives of the employees of the pier. The purpose of the PRCC is to end this conflict as soon as possible, since it has the consequence of stopping the flow of basic merchandise for manufacturing companies, retail sales, health and for all Puerto Ricans,  said Luis Gierbolini, Esq. president of the Camaristas, through a press release.

“We have made efforts with government officials, maintained active communication with the company Luis Ayala Colón, Inc., listened to the feelings of our affected partners and we are in the best position to dialogue with the representatives of the union, our legal team is available to harmonize joint efforts, “said Gierbolini after sending two letters to both the Governor, Mr. Hernán Ayala and Carlos Sánchez Ortiz , president of the Union of Dock Workers.

“The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) as a multisectoral institution intercedes in protecting the operational stability of businesses on the island and in particular of our partners. Certainly the impasse of this conflict for the last few weeks is affecting the food industry that maintains perishable merchandise that has to be distributed weekly. Also to the hardware stores that your orders have been left adrift somewhere. In addition, retail trade, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, “explained the President of the Camaristas.

He added” one of the areas that concerns us the most is the health sector that has raised serious concerns with the surgical doctor supply for hospitals. Being in hurricane season it is necessary that the commercial sector and the country is prepared and maintaining a safe distribution chain from the dock to the hands of the consumer.”

“According to our dialogue with government officials and our partner, it is essential to be able to reach a satisfactory agreement between both parties as soon as possible, which can resolve the uncertainty in the commercial distribution created by this situation,” Gierbolini said.

“We know the difficulties facing economic development in Puerto Rico and we have been fighting as a Voice and Action of private enterprise from all fronts to advance the recovery of a more stable economy. From that perspective and with the historical experience that characterizes us in the resolution of conflicts, we become available once again to mediate in this situation in a proactive way to put an end to this workers’ dispute, “concluded the President of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.



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