President & Chairman of the Board


Hon. Cameron McKenzie

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Welcome to Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce’s website, the “Voice and Action of the Private Enterprise” on the island.

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome all the sectors that drive our economy, whether they are current PRCC members or not, and invite them to join our new 2022-2023 work team, composed of our Board of Directors, Committee Presidents, Advisors and Directors, all businessmen and businesswomen of high caliber and vast experience.

Together with this dynamic team, and our members, we will continue the work that our Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce has carried out for the past 109 years. Together we will work to strengthen the growth of business trade inside and outside our island. In collaboration with the state, federal and international government sector we will enhance our opportunities.

Puerto Rico has overcome major economic, environmental, and health crises in recent years. We have proven to be a resilient and dynamic country. We, at the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, want to enhance that dynamism and strength that we have shown in the face of these enormous challenges by giving visibility, voice, and current information to our constituents.

As president, I encourage collaboration between different business groups. Whether these are small, medium or large businesses, they all have ideas to contribute to develop public policy and collaborations that maximize their efforts and grow their businesses. Commitment and joint efforts will open doors for us. Together we will outline paths for the development and strengthening of the private sector.

On our website, you will find our work plan. In addition, you will be able to access multiple market analyses, statistics regarding consumer and entrepreneur confidence indexes that are updated every six months. We also collect public opinion studies. All available material is up to date with our business circumstances.

I encourage you to join our team. Constructive dialogue, strategic planning, and multi-sector collaboration will enhance our goals of strengthening free enterprise and creating a better Puerto Rico.

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