Lifetime Achievement Award to Hon. Jenniffer González-Colón

Puerto Rico’s Vocero: Pedro Pierluisi and Carlos Mellado join the Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference 2021


Luis Pizarro, Esq. LLM
PRCC President Health Committee, Chairman PR Health & Insurance Conference and Board of Directors Member, and CEO of FIDE LLC


Mr. Juan Carlos Agosto Martínez
President & Chairman of the Board, PRCC


Mr. Rafael Bernal
Staff Writer, The Hill Newspaper


Mr. Dennis E. González
Acting Regional Director and Executive Officer – Region II at the US Department of Health & Human Services


(Via Video)
Hon. Ron Wyden
U.S. Senator from Oregon and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee


(Via Video)
Hon. Adrian M. Smith
U.S. House of Representative from Nebraska’s 3rd district

Mrs. Marina Díaz
Staff Director, PR/Virgin Islands, Local Engagement & Administration (LEA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS

Mr. Jorge Galva, JD, MHA
Executive Director, Health Insurance Administration (ASES)

Mr. Ricardo Rivera-Cardona
Former Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration and CEO of Raising Success LLC

Mr. Roberto García Rodríguez
President of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association of PR and President & CEO at Triple-S Management Corporation

Mr. Roberto Pando, JD, MS
President, MCS Advantage & MCS Life Ins. Co.

Dr. Waldemar Ríos
Chief Medical Officer
MSO of Puerto Rico

Mr. Luis A. Torres Olivera, Esq
President, Humana

Mrs. Sonia Ortiz-Flores, MD, FAAFP
Former President Board of Directors, Academy of Family Physicians of PR

Mr. Ricardo Hernández, CPA
CEO, Sistema de Salud Menonita

Mrs. Linda Ayala
Executive Director, Puerto Rico Community Pharmacies Association

Mrs. Marcia R. Cruz Correa, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center and Member of the National Cancer Advisory Board

Dr. Wanda T. Maldonado Dávila
Dean, School of Pharmacy at University of Puerto Rico

Mrs. Mariely Díaz, PharmD, CSP, MHA
CEO & President of Optima Health

Mrs. Milagros Soto Mejía, MHSA, MMHC, BBA
Acting Director Planning, Quality & Clinical Affairs Office, Puerto Rico Health Insurer Administration (ASES)

Mr. James P. O’Drobinak
CEO & Chairman of the Board of MCS

Hon. Jenniffer A. Gonzalez-Colón
Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico

Mrs. Marileny Lugo, R.PH.
Chief Operations Officer, MC-Rx

Mr. Víctor Ramos, MD
President of the Puerto Rico College of Physicians and Surgeons

Mrs. Awilda Broco-Rodríguez, Esq.
Chairperson of the Health Business Emergency Operation Center (HBEOC) and Chief Executive Officer of FHC of Puerto Rico

Mr. Astro Muñoz Aponte, MHSA
Chief Executive Officer, First Hospital Panamericano, Inc.

Dr. José Luis Massa
VP Medical, APS Healthcare
Puerto Rico

Mr. Nardy Delgado, Esq.
COO, Provider Network Solutions of Puerto Rico

Mr. Rafael L. Roig, MSEE
President, Quality Health Solutions

Mrs. Ruby Harford, PhD, MSN, RN
President & CEO, Atlantis Health Care Group, Puerto Rico

Mr. Martty Martínez Fraticelli, Pharm.D
President & Chief Pharmacy Officer, PharmPix, LLC

Mr. Héctor I. García Maldonado, MPH
Director, Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network

Mrs. Marta Rivera-Plaza
CEO of Hospital Capestrano & Board Member of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association

Mrs. Adriana Ramírez, Esq
Chief Operating Officer, Abarca Health

Mr. Juan Díaz Goitia
Senior Vice-President of Information Technology, MCS Healthcare Holdings, LLC

Mr. Mariano de Socarraz
President & CEO, ‎CorePlus Servicios Clínicos y Patológicos, LLC

Mrs. Ivelisse Cancel-Fonseca, MHSA, DrPH
VP of Clinical Operations, Triple-S Salud

Mr. Miguel Colom Mena
President of Nagnoi, LLC

Mr. Eduardo Ballori
CEO, Intervoice

(Via Video)
Hon. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia
Governor of Puerto Rico

Mr. Carlos Mellado, MD
Designated Secretary, Puerto Rico Department of Health

Hon. Luis G. Fortuño
Former Governor of Puerto Rico

Mr. Nicholas Uehlecke
Former Senior Advisor to HHS Secretary of Health and Principal at Todd Strategy Group

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