President & Chairman of the Board 2021-2022

Lcdo. Luis A. Gierbolini-Rodríguez

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I am pleased to welcome you to Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce’s website, the “Voice and Action of the Private Enterprise”.

Our Institution is a non-profit entity and the single largest multi-sector organization in Puerto Rico. Over its period of 108 years of history, it has uninterrupted strengthened the multisectoral representation through sustainable socioeconomic development to improve the quality of life of Puerto Ricans, thus achieving its mission by creating new business and job opportunities over time.

We have maintained a vision of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, tempered by the challenges of reinventing ourselves in the face of countless situations such as: fiscal and economic crisis, natural disasters, and health emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we provide an active social responsibility with social, educational, and cultural groups.

Above all, we concentrate our work on developing, representing, and supporting the efforts of small, medium, and large businesses that require support in the opening, continuity, and growth of their businesses. We are prepared to take them by the hand and maximize their opportunities with the government and commercial sector at the local, national, and international level.

It should be noted that in the United States there are approximately 7,000 chambers of commerce. Of these, only three (3%) percent or 194 have been accredited as local and seven (7) as state chambers of commerce. The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is accredited as one of the seven (7) “State Chamber of Commerce”, a certification granted by the United States Chamber of Commerce for its contribution of excellence in promoting a positive change around businesses in its communities.

Through the different sections on this website, you will find information on how we are organized, what is our workplan and the activities/events that you can participate in. I invite you to consult us on market, consumer, business studies, as well as public opinion studies that we update every semester for the benefit of our members.

Networking among peer members will provide you with business visibility and the unconditional support of outstanding professionals who are organized to defend free enterprise. As a businessman and now President, I invite you to join us on this new journey of a historical, solid, and resilient Institution.

Join the team!

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