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Presidency: Luis A. Gierbolini, Esq.

@Camarapr aims to keep it’s members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

January 31

  • Reception for His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI
  • • #juevesdevisita ReHace IMPR
  • Governor Announces Three New COVID-19 Executive Orders
  • 2021 Individual Income Tax Return Includes Important Credit Package That Will Benefit Financially to thousands of families
  • Were you scammed on social media? You’re not the only one
  • #USChamberofCommerce 5 Small Business Owners Reveal Their Best Employee Retention Strategies
  • BBB Business Tip: 10 data privacy stats small businesses should know
  • #colmena66 Get inspired by this success story!
  • In local news: PRITS and the government of the Dominican Republic promote work plan to export technology services


January 26

  • LULAC Washington visited us
  • Puerto Rico Governor Highlights Initiatives to Continue Economic Exchanges with Spain
  • Governor Pierluisi Highlights Achievements in Fight Against Covid 19 and Asks Congress to Treat Puerto Rico on An Equal Footing
  • OVER $554 Million feMA drives public housing rehabilitation
  • #USChamberofCommerce 3 Ways To Facilitate Employee COVID Testing
  • BBB Business Tip: The top 5 cybersecurity practices every small business needs to do now
  • #colmena66 Take out your cup of coffee and learn how to grow your business!
  • In local news: Credit Union Growth Rate Confirmed


January 19

    • We are starting the new year with #juevesdevisita
    • New Executive Orders
    • Don’t assume every COVID-19 test site is legit
    • This organization is working to create a world without pandemics
    • #USChamberofCommerce Getting Ready to File? Tax Deductions For Home-Based Businesses
    • BBB Business Tip: 20 advertising ideas for your small business
    • Birling Capital’s Government Progress Index measures governance with objective metrics
    • 2022 Puerto Rico Market Sentiment Report 
    • #colmena66 Myths vs reality when starting a business
    • In local news: Plan to Install Nuclear Power in Puerto Rico Advances


January 12, 2022

    • Meeting with Puerto Rico House of Representatives
    • Government Announces $75.6 Million to Assist Homeowners Facing Financial Hardship Due to Pandemic
    • Pause on federal student loan payments extended
    • FDA Shortens Interval for Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose to Five Months
    • #USChamberofCommerce 6 Ways to Welcome Employees Back to Work
    • • BBB Business Tip: Top workplace trends for 2022
    • #colmena66 Create a marketing strategy for 2022
    • In local news: Child Tax Credit, Work Credit to inject $2.6B into Puerto Rico economy


January 10, 2022

    • Press Release: Private Sector Calls for Implementation in 2022
    • New Executive Orders
    • Protocol for the Management of COVID-19 Cases in the Work Environment
    • How to Avoid Buying COVID Tests Online That Are Fake
    • #USChamberofCommerce 10 Small Business Growth Strategies for 2022
    • BBB Tip: Donating to animal charities to honor Betty White
    • #colmena66 How do I make a business plan for 2022?
    • In local news: How can you tell if it’s a common cold, flu, or COVID-19?


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