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Presidency:  Luis A. Gierbolini, Esq.

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

February 28

✅  Fireside Chat, #juevesdevisita and Esports Agreement
✅ @govpierluisi urges families to apply for the credit of thousands of dollars per dependent
✅ FEMA approves funds for all Fire Department recovery projects
✅ BBB Tip: Supply chain challenges – coping strategies for consumers and businesses
In local news: 2022 is shaping up to be a boom year for sports tourism in Puerto Rico


February 23


    February 16

    • Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Announces 2022 Economic Outlook Forum
    • Governor breaks down second phase of millionaire investment of ARPA funds for Cultural Rescue
    • Governor presents update of the SURI digital platform and announces the beginning of the 2021 Contributory Cycle
    • #USChamberofCommerce 8 Job Posting Sites for Small Businesses
    • BBB Business Tip: How small businesses can create additional revenue streams
    • In the news: Is America’s best restaurant in Puerto Rico?


    February 14


    February 9

    • Visit to the Secretary of Labor
    • Government announces extension of salary increase for Education staff
    • Treasury will interrupt services in SURI during the next weekend
    • #USChamberofCommerce 3 Simple (Yet Effective) Facebook and Instagram Tools That Enhance Customer Relationships
    • BBB Business Tip:Key financial strategies for rising above your competition
    • In local news: According to WHO: COVID-19 cases worldwide fell by 17 percent


    February 7

    • PR Chamber of Commerce celebrates that Court of Appeals decides Transport Regulation is NULL
    • Round Table
    • The government assesses the damage in several municipalities due to the floods caused over the weekend
    • Fellowship and Internship Program
    • Stolen identity? Get help in
    • #USChamberofCommerce How to Communicate a Data Breach to Customers
    • BBB Business Tip: 5 social media content ideas that will drive engagement
    • #Colmena66 Develop your creative proposal@
    • In local news: Blurred path for Puerto Rico’s to a better access to Medicaid


    February 2

      • Lunch Inauguration
      • @govpierluisi  demands in Washington D.C. equality for the Island
      • CRIM Administrative Order 2022-001
      • How to tell if someone is using your identity
      • #USChamberofCommerce 5 Crisis Communication Best Practices Every Small Business Should Know
      • BBB Business Tip: How to handle negative reviews
      • Fulcro Insurance: February is Heart Health Month
      • Birling: How did the Fed Get Inflation so Wrong?
      • In local news: They seek to create more businesses for Puerto Rican women


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