PR Chamber of Commerce supports Resident Commissioner’s bills seeking parity on health programs and tax incentives for the Island


May 2, 2022 (San Juan, PR)The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCoC), through its Federal Affairs Committee, ratified its support and endorsement of the bills presented in Congress by Resident Commissioner Jennifer González Colón, seeking to promote parity on health-related issues and tax incentives, stated PRCoC’s President, Luis Gierbolini, Esq.

“After successfully leading two PRCoC missions to Washington DC to follow up on meetings, build and foster communications with the Federal Government, garner support in Congress, and establish strategic alliances with national non-profits and other commercial sectors, we continue to move ahead with additional efforts to fulfill the work agenda we have outlined for the benefit of Puerto Rico. Our organization is endorsing and stands by the Resident commissioner’s bills and we will continue to collaborate on this third round of meetings scheduled for next week in Washington, added Gierbolini.

The bills presented by Congresswoman González-Colón are H.R. 2653 – Medical Manufacturing, Economic Development, and Sustainability Act of 2021 (MMEDS Act of 2021) and the Request for Equity in the Medicare Advantage program (CMS-4192-P).

PRCoC created the Federal Affairs Chamber Educational Series (FACES) to address a work agenda focused on economic development, health, energy, manufacturing, food, infrastructure taxes and sustainable infrastructure development in the Nation’s Capital.  “The Resident Commissioner has welcomed our support and joint collaboration in compliance with the proposed agenda that seeks to improve the quality of life of all Puerto Ricans. Our purpose is to promote these bills in Congress, with the Biden administration as well as with non-profit organizations to advance support for congressional approval of said bills”, commented Cameron McKenzie, President Elect of PRCoC and mission leader of FACES III.

According to Luis E. Pizarro-Otero, Esq., President of PRCoC’s Health Committee, the organization has focused mainly on health-related issues to achieve Medicare and Medicaid parity, which would represent releasing approximately $800M annually from the government’s budget, making these funds available to meet other critical priorities for Puerto Rico.  “Accomplishing equity in both Medicaid and Medicare Advantage would help improve the quality of health services for its beneficiaries, as well as the health system’s infrastructure, compensation to health providers and improve the precarious fiscal situation of the Island”, added Pizarro. 

“PRCoC has found a strategic ally in Resident Commissioner González-Colón and her staff as we share a joint vision of the key priorities for Puerto Rico and its sustainable economic development.  Achieving equity in Medicare/Medicaid will enable the government to free $800M from its annual budget.   Securing manufacturing incentives as she has proposed in her bill, is critical to enable  strengthening this important economic sector that over the years has created thousands of jobs and yielded a primary source of revenues and taxes for the central government.  Manufacturing incentives can potentially increase government revenues with this bill, and these factors are the primary reason for PRCoC’s endorsement to the bills presented by the Resident Commissioner ”, said Kenneth Rivera, Esq., former President of PRCoC.

“Our FACES effort has also gained support from Governor Pedro Pierluisi, P.R. House of Representatives and Senate Presidents, PRFAA’s Director and the local Secretary of Health, among other state and federal officials who have been vital in facilitating congressional and Executive Branch meetings to further advance the Puerto Rico agenda. We need to promote economic development from a business perspective to jumpstart and achieve reconstruction projects for the Island after suffering the devastating impact of hurricanes, earthquakes and COVID-19”, concluded Liza García Vélez, Esq., PRCoC’s Executive Director.

FACES III’s mission to the Nation’s Capital is scheduled for May 9-12th and will be comprised by a dozen professionals including Luis Gierbolini, Esq. and Cameron Mackenzie, PRCoC’s President Elect, Teresita Santiago, Second Vice President and Liza García, Executive Director of PRCoC.  Other professionals joining to address issues and advocate for Puerto Rico include José Aparicio, Esq., who presides over PRCoC’s Federal Affairs and New Economy Committee, energy expert Javier Rúa Jovet, Esq., former PRCoC President Kenneth Rivera, CPA/Esq. and Luis E. Pizarro-Otero, Esq. who oversees PRCoC’s Health Committee .  Healthcare companies MMM, Merck, MCS and Triple S will also accompany this mission, as well as the Solar Energy Storage Association (SESA) and the Retail Trade Association (ACDET).


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