PR Chamber of Commerce connects with new allies


March 16, 2022 (Washington, D.C.) – The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) and its federal affairs committee arrived in the Federal Capital to carry the message of the private and commercial sector and continue the proposed agenda in the area of health, food, manufacturing, infrastructure, contributions, among others, said Luis Gierbolini, Esq. president of the PRCC through a press release.

“We all know that it is in the federal congress and in the ecosystem around it, where much of the most relevant issues of our island are decided. That’s why we created the Federal Affairs Chamber Educational Series (FACES). FACES is an effort to promote in person in Washington the different issues that affect Puerto Ricans and the inclusion of new initiatives,” said Gierbolini.

“The PRCC has developed a strategic plan through which we want the voice of the country’s productive sector to be included prominently in any debate on Puerto Rico in D.C.. In everything that is legislated in the federal capital, it has an impact on the private sector and we want to make it clear that they have to take into account the thousands of workers who carry their family sustenance from private companies that are affected or benefited by the decisions that are made in Washington, “added Cameron McKenzie, President-Elect of the PRCC and leader of the FACES II mission.

“We are going to visit organizations from the center spectrum and more conservative to eliminate myths about the situation in Puerto Rico and let them know that there are thousands of people on the island who believe in the free market and sensitive capitalism as methods of sustainable economic growth for our country. That is why we will be visiting groups of centrist and conservative experts to educate them on the issues that affect us, President Gierbolini concluded.

The first trip was made in September 202. This second face-to-face effort of the PRCC is focused on particular issues of health, food, manufacturing, infrastructure, contributions and more than discussing the issues only with federal and elected officials, it has included organizations with and without profit that are not the typical forums where other Puerto Rican entities go when they advocate in Washington for their members.

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Contact: Sandra González


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