June 30, 2021 Edition

  • PRCC Events: CCPR Events: -Annual Report 2020-2021 -Current State of Small Businesses in Puerto Rico
  • Government Press Releases
  • Oversight Fiscal Board shares its agenda and instructions to participate in its 29th public meeting
  • Treasury disburses about $40 million corresponding to the additional payment of $200 of the 2019 senior payroll
  • Microsoft Reimagine | Reimagines | Education On demand
  • Do you know how many of the products you use every day are regulated by the #FDA?
  • FTC: Dealing with Weather Emergencies
  • FEMA Press Releases
  • US Chamber Bulletin
  • BBB Business Tip: 7 leadership strategies to fuel business success
  • Tax Foundation: The Impact of the Biden Administration’s Tax Proposals by State and Congressional District
  • Birling Capital Investors: Developing the Power of the Mind
  • McKenzie & Associates:Puerto Rico Market Research – 2022
  • VICOM: The transparency of electronic voting
  • Webinars
  • News of interest: THINK, CNBC, strategy+business, The Ringer, Fast Company, Visual Capitalist, CNN Health, El Vocero, El Nuevo Día, Metro, News is my Business, CB en Español, Caribbean Business, Primera Hora and Business Insider
  • Departmnet of Health Drive thru Covid Testing for healthcare professionals
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