Edition 21-6-2021

  • CCPR Events:
    -Lunch Initiation of New Members
    -Health Forum Good Practices and Challenges in Vaccination
    -Short summary of the Emergency Management and Recovery Committee
  • Governor signs measure that restores the holidays of July 25 and 27
  • Newsletter | Public Health in Emergencies and Disasters
  • Foundation for PR: WCRP program publishes NOFA
  • US Census Bureau: What’s the Financial Condition of Households Getting Government Benefits?
  • EPA: What’s the Financial Condition of Households Getting Government Benefits?
  • FDA’s Budget: Advancing the Goal of Ending the Opioid Crisis
  • FTC: What to know before you buy something online
  • US Chamber Bulletin
  • BBB Business Tip: 5 key steps for conducting a market analysis for your business
  • Tax Foundation: Boost Semiconductor Manufacturing by Removing Tax Barriers — Not Creating Tax Subsidies
  • Birling Capital Investors:
    -7 keys that separate Greed from Fear
    Unemployment claims in the United States increase 9.87%, The Birling Puerto Rico Stock Index with a yield of 28.06%, Wall Street closes with mixed results, Global Market Square presented by Birling Capital
  • Fulcrum: Is Your Business Ready For The Auction Process?
  • Microsoft Reimagine: Reimagine your SME
  • Colmena66: Do you have or do you know of spaces available to hold face-to-face events?
  • Webinars:
    -Lunch-Dialogue with the Governor
    -Annual Assembly
    -SBA seminars
    -The Future of ESG: Issuers, Investors, and Stakeholders
    -National Summit on Equality of Opportunity
    Path Forward Special Edition: WHO’s Dr. Michael Ryan
    -Governmental Initiatives for the Economic Development of the Southwest Area
    -Conversatory with Dr. Mauro Guillén, Dean of the Business School of the University of Cambridge in England
  • Business Opportunities: INCENTIVES TO PROMOTE EXPORT (DDEC)
  • News of interest: Gallup, World Economic Forum, TIME, Fast Company, Visual Capitalist, CNN Health, El Vocero, El Nuevo Día, Metro, News is my Business, CB in Spanish, Caribbean Business, Primera Hora and Business Insider
  • Servi Trolley Detection of COVID-19 for Health Professionals
  • Dept. of health
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