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President: Sr. Luis A. Gierbolini

At @Camarapr we aim to keep our members informed of notices from government and private entities.  We do not endorse or support the notices included.

July 28, 2021

  • Round Table with the DDEC Secretary and the private sector
  • Video: 6 Common Myths Debunked About COVID-19 Vaccines
  • 10 Free Sales Tools for Your Small Business
  • Colmena66: 9 Companies from the Puerto Rico Innovation Ecosystem Sector
  • In local and international news: Here’s the Gear You Need to Start Your Own Podcast…


July 21, 2021

  • Small Business Support Program: to support existing business owners to remain open, retain employees and optimize their establishment
  • 9 effective ways to attract employees to your business
  • How to increase conversion to digital experience by improving user experience
  • In local and international news: The shipping lines are working, but there are no truckers on the docks……


July 19, 2021

  • Meet our new Board of Directors
  • @DeptVivienda announced the start of the Income Assistance Program which will help people who were affected by the pandemic and have delays of more than three months in the payment of house rent, water and electricity.
  • ATO Ventures Presents New Opportunity for entrepreneurs
  • Ingesting Nitrite “Poppers” can be fatal
  • In local and international news: Puerto Rican scientists ask Congress to build “the next generation of the Arecibo radio telescope”……


July 14, 2021

  • A summary of our University Chapters event: Entrepreneurial Congress
  • Americans Call for #RecoveryNotTaxes on Social Media
  • 10 quick tips on how small businesses can increase brand awareness
  • In local and international news: Private sector does not endorse the repeal of incentive laws……


July 12, 2021

  • @dptohacienda announces sales period without IVU
  • How to do business with #NASA
  • How #facebooklive helps your #smallbusiness
  • In local and international news: the best apps to increase productivity…


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