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Master Conference

Cooperative Experiences Panel

Commercial Financial Services Panel


Keynote Conference: The Conversion of Companies to Cooperatives

Presenter: Mr. Eric Leenson

President, Sol Economics

Keynote Speaker: Ms. Hilary Abell

International Speaker and Co-founder of Project Equity Economics

Cooperative Experiences Panel

Moderator: Mr. Jaime G. Cuevas Mercado

Marketing Manager to Cooperatives, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de PR and President of the Cooperatives Committee, Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce

Rubén Lucena, Esq.

President, Legal Coop

Transformation of a company to a cooperative in charge of its workers

Rubén Colón, Esq.

Director, Institute of Cooperativism University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

Cooperativism as a means to save jobs and as a business succession planning strategy

Mr. José Julián Ramírez

Executive Director, Investment Fund and Cooperative Development (FIDECOOP)

Impulso al emprendimiento cooperativo y acceso a capital desde el modelo cooperativo

Commercial Financial Services Panel

Moderator: Mr. Heriberto Ortiz

Executive Director, CooPHARMA

Mr. Ismael Velázquez

Executive Vice President, Cooperativa Zeno Gandía

Mr. Eddie W. Alicea Sáez

President, Cooperativa La Sagrada Familia

Ms. Michelle Franqui Baquero

Executive President, CamuyCoop

Mr. Efraín Sanchez Crespo

General Manager, Multi Mortgage

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