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Presidency: Ramón A. Pérez-Blanco, Esq. CPCU

@Camarapr aims to keep its members informed of the notices coming from different governmental and private entities, it does not endorse nor sympathize with the notices included.

September 26

✅ Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce in the federal capital
✅ Expo-Forum 2023: Alert! Do Condos and Buildings Collapse?
✅ Free COVID Testing Kits Back
✅ The two sides of the monetary policy coin, inflation and interest rate increases


September 19

✅ A flexible and fluid labour market
✅ Members Forum
✅ Interview at Los Datos son los Datos with Jay Fonseca
✅ OPAL first event
✅ Boricua Emprende Fest 2023
✅ Business after Six at Don Rafa
✅ University Chapters | Pursuing Business Success: Strengthening Your Mindset


September 12

✅ Visit to Ferries del Caribe
✅ Meetting with the Chairman of the House of Representatives
✅ Visit to the Oversight Fiscal Board
✅ NEXT: Puerto Rico Tourism Summit 2023
✅ Boricua Emprende Fest 2023
✅ Visit to the Oversight Fiscal Board
✅ Annual Convention & Expo Construction
✅ Charting a New Course: Puerto Rico’s Vision for Economic Freedom


September 5

✅ Visit to our Institutional Sponsor: Telemundo
✅ Visit to the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce
✅ Governor announces the creation of a Comprehensive Plan for Social Reconstruction and Violence Prevention
✅ Populism’s Impact on Investment Climate: A Global Perspective


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