Board of Directors 2021-2022

Made in Puerto Rico, Inc.

Affiliated Association 2021-2022
Aysha Issa, President

With a legacy of more than 110 years driving and promoting Puerto Rico’s industries, now the organization that groups and leads over 400 local businesses, transformed and evolved into the new Made in Puerto Rico, Inc. Association (AHPR). Organization that continues to support, promote and open the way to the variety of companies and industries that contribute to local economic development.

The origin and mission of the AHPR was to protect local manufacturing. Today, it is a representative association of productive industries of the country and reflecting partners of the diverse economy that exists on the island, and that includes all the productive sectors of Puerto Rican industries such as service, manufacturing, agriculture, fashion, communication, welfare and technology, etc.

This organization elevates and strengthens the powerful phrase of being Made in Puerto Rico because it recognizes and confirms through various initiatives the importance of promoting and supporting local products and services, which provides many business opportunities and great economic boost for the country.

Directora Ejecutiva
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