Board of Directors

José Julio Aparicio-Laspina, Esq.

First Vice President

Lawyer with expertise in business development and opportunities, both within and outside Puerto Rico. A seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Aparicio is the founder of several companies across diverse industries, including Knox Medical, Gentech Security, Red Rooster, and WininPR. He has played a pivotal role in advising and working with the construction and energy sectors on local and federal matters, facilitating the development of new business opportunities and fostering optimal growth for both segments of Puerto Rico’s economy.

Mr. Aparicio’s unwavering commitment is encapsulated in his promise: “I will persist in giving my utmost to create opportunities for growth and wealth generation for chamber members, my family, my friends, and my country.” Additionally, he is the visionary mind behind the creation and establishment of the FACES Program at the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico.

Directora Ejecutiva
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