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Carlos Jiménez

Ad-Hoc 2023-2024

MBA, PhD Candidate, Agile Business Creator & Optimizer – Founder- Serial Entrepreneur Lemonade Makeneur – Investor – Author – Creator of business ecosystems, Lean, Agile & Scrum Evangelist & Influencer. Time Prioritizer Curator! & Advocate for Continuous Improvement. Passionate about teaching entrepreneurship, growing and optimizing business efficiency with TPS Tools & Methods.

With a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources, Carlos Jimenez is now completing a University of Puerto Rico PhD Program in International Business.

Carlos began his career with Pennzoil. He also worked as a real estate business developer for Shell Oil Company and McDonald’s and has achieved more than 30 certifications, including PMI, Lean SixSigma & Lean, ® Agile and Scrum Master from The Toyota Scrum Way.

Carlos is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Fast Lane Franchising, a car wash chain, as well as co-founder of YEES! (Youth Entrepreneurship Education System), a business education company and two other technology companies.

He has been awarded several business awards such as the Teodoro Moscoso Award and the Ernst & Young Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and also led several boards of directors, including WIOA, Alianza para el Desarrollo de un Mejor Puerto Rico, Desarrollo de la Península de Canteras and Banco de Desarrollo Centro Oriental (BADECO) among others.

Carlos Jimenez is driven by a passion for teaching entrepreneurship, building entrepreneurial ecosystems, economic development, as well as growing and optimizing business efficiency with a process of continuous improvement.

Directora Ejecutiva
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