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Visionaries of Change

Antonio Luis Ferré Lifetime Achievement Award 2012:
Don Antonio Luis Ferré, Chairman, Grupo Ferré-Rangel

Manuel A. Casiano Award 2012:
Mr. Joaquín Rodríguez, Sr., Chairman Board of Directors and
Mr. Carlos M. Piñeiro, President & COO from Grupo HIMA-San Pablo

Hon. Luis G. Fortuño Burset
of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
MIT Prof. Suzanne Berger
Co-chair MIT PIE Project, Past Chair MIT Political Science Dept. Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science
MIT Prof. Richard M. Locke
Director - MIT Puerto Rico Project, Political Science Dept. Chairman and Class of 1922 Professor of Political Science and Management
MIT Prof. Paul Osterman
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Professor of Human Resources and Management, Author of Good Jobs America: Making Work Better for Everyone
MIT Prof. Michael J. Piore
David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy
Mr. Michael P. Ryan
Chief Invesment Strategist, UBS
Mr. Francisco Rodríguez-Castro
Chairman, Puerto Rico Conference, 2012
Mr. Jon Borschow
Chairman of the Board
Foundation for Puerto Rico
Mr. Salvador Calaf
Chairman of the Board
Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Jason Borschow
President & CEO
Abarca Health
Mr. David Melchor
Chief Executive Officer
Wireless Idea
Mr. Raúl Cacho
President, Acrecent Financial
Mr. Carlos V. Ubiñas
Chief Executive Officer
UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico
Mr. Rafael Hernández-Colón, Esq.
Former Governor of Puerto Rico
Mr. Carlos Romero Barceló, Esq.
Former Governor of Puerto Rico
Mr. José Joaquín Villamil
Chairman of the Board, Estudios Técnicos, Inc.
CPA Jorge M. Cañellas-Fidalgo
Tax Counsel , Fiddler, González & Rodriguez, PSC
Mr. Pedro Watlington
Chairman of the Board, PR Manufacturing Association
Mr. Carlos Bonilla
Eli Lilly Tax Advisor
Mr. Miguel A. Ferrer
Chairman UBS Financial Services Incorporated of Puerto Rico
CPA Gabriel Hernández
Partner Scherrer, Hernández & Co.
Mr. Manuel Cidre
President, Los Cidrines
Mr. Carlos A. Trápaga Fonalledas
CEO & President, TraFon Group, Inc.
Mr. Federico Stubbe Jr.
President, PRISA Group
Mr. Carlos López-Lay
President & CEO, Bella International Corporation
Mr. Carlos J. Rovira
President & CEO
Rovira Biscuits Corporation
Ms. María Eugenia Ferré Rangel
CEO of GFR Media / El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora
Mr. William Lockwood
Vice Chairman, Foundation for Puerto Rico
Mr. Francisco J. Uriarte, CMAA, AVA
Board Member of the Foundation for Puerto Rico
Chairman of the Board of Grupo Guayacan and
Principal of ESP Group
Ms. María Victoria del Campo
MIT Ph.D Candidate in Urban Studies
and Planning
Mr. Gustavo Setrini, Ph.D
Political Science, MIT, Director of Research
Puerto Rico Economy Project
Ms. Erica Dobbs
MIT Ph.D Candidate
in Political Science
Mr. Josen Rossi
Board Member of the Foundation for Puerto Rico
Chairman of the Board and CEO of AIREKO Enterprises
Officer of AeroMetalica Corporation
Mr. Gualberto Rodríguez
Board Member of the Foundation for Puerto Rico
President, Caribbean Produce Exchange, Inc.
Mr. Milton Cruz, Esq.
Board Member of the Foundation for Puerto Rico
Chairman, Med-Holdings
Mr. José G. Arias
Managing Director, Investment Banking
UBS Financial Services Incorporated of Puerto Rico
Mr. Juan Carlos Batlle
President, Goverment Development Bank for
Puerto Rico
Mr. Aurelio Alemán
President & CEO, FirstBank Puerto Rico
Mr. Leslie Highley
Managing Director, UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico
Mr. Peter Bessey
President & CEO, Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
Mr. Francisco Javier Hidalgo-Blázquez
President & CEO, Santander Puerto Rico
Mr. Rafael Saldaña
Chief Executive Officer, Banesco USA
Mr. Jorge A. Junquera
Senior Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer of Popular, Inc.

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