Junta Directiva 2021-2022

Genaro Mojica Ávila

Conoce al Presidente del Comité de Jóvenes Empresarios 2021-2022

Genaro Mojica Avila was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and studied at the “Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico”.

Genaro started his career in Financial Planning in 2010 and graduated from business development and management in 2012. Afterwards, he was an insurance agent for 9 years in the agency Mass Mutual, director of marketing , and business strategy of “Mojica Air Conditioning”.  Being passionate about this, In 2018 he opened his first business ‘Blockchain Trade Center’ which has the mission of advising and implementing blockchain technology in Puerto Rico.  It’s a company dedicated to financing in technology, advice on blockchain, information system and specific services.

After Hurricane María, he wanted to diversify the pursuit of his income, which motivated him to open different companies, establishing seven companies. Out of those seven companies, the two most shocking were ‘Eagle Trading’ (e. 2020), which is dedicated to the import and export of general products, and ’Inlight Insure Tech.’ (e. 2018), is a insurance agency dedicated to life, disability insurances and miscellaneous items.

Directora Ejecutiva
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