E3 Summit 2014


A Unique and Exciting Forum with a Remarkable Line-Up of Visionary Speakers.

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Lunch: The Challenge of Globalization: A Defining Moment for Puerto Rico
Keynote Speaker:
Mr. Robert McMahon

Editor of Council on Foreign Relations Website, CFR.org

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Workshop 3: Successful Models in Exports: Transforming the Puerto Rican Economy
Keynote Speaker:
Mr. Francisco J. Rodríguez-Castro

Managing Director, UBS Financial Services Incorporated of PR

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Mr. Antonio J. Colorado, Esq.

Consultant for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Former Administrator of PRIDCO, Secretary of State and Resident Commissioner

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Mr. Jorge J. López Guedes

President, Fuller Group Puerto Rico

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Mr. Javier Bravo

President, Blue Ocean Trading, Inc.

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Dr. Elias R. Gutiérrez

Economist, Planner & Professor, Graduate School of Planning, University of Puerto Rico

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