Business Development Trade Forum

September 29 -30, 2014
The Condado Plaza Hilton, Puerto Rico

Participant learned in one day how to access trade and investment opportunities on the continent. They networked side by side with expert speakers and high-profile entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from USA and Latin America.

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Lunch Keynote Speaker
  • Hon. Carmen Yulin Cruz

    Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico

    In 2003, Cruz was member of the Political Education Institute of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD for its acronym in Spanish). The same year, was elected National President of the PPD Women Organization, occupying this position at present. [full bio]

Lunch Keynote Speaker
  • Hon. Ryszard Schnepf

    Poland Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

    Varsovian by birth and through residency, he loves his city, especially the long summer evenings, when the streets of Warsaw grow calm and desolate. A history major at his Alma Mater, Warsaw University, who wrote his Master’s thesis on Chile’s Ignacy Domeyko, he then embarked on a doctoral path,...[full bio]

International Trade and Business
  • Mr. Eduardo Torres

    Director, U.S. Export Assistance Center

    Mr. Torres and his team of International Trade Specialists provide export counseling, information on foreign markets, access to international contacts, and advocacy services. Operating in U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world, as well as Export Assistance Centers throughout the US, the 1,400 men and women...[full bio]


Miami Media and Film Market (MMFM)
  • Mr. Pieter A. Bockweg

    Executive Director, OMNI & Midtown Community Redevelopment Agencies, (CRA)

    Pieter A. Bockweg serves as the Executive Director of the Miami Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA). For the past two years Mr. Bockweg has served as Executive Director of SEOPW, OMNI, and Midtown CRA’s. As of recently, Mr. Bockweg now oversees the OMNI and Midtown CRA’s, which have a combined budget of over $34 million...[full bio]

  • Mr. Demetrio Fernández

    Puerto Rico Film Commissioner

    Fernández Manzano is responsible for the management and policies that promote Puerto Rico as a prime destination for audiovisual productions, the film and media incentives as well as the development of Puerto Rico’s film industry.[full bio]


Trade and Financial Investments
  • Mr. Leszek Ladowski

    President, Polish American Chamber of Commerce

    Mr Leszek Ladowski is President of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc. He is fluent in Polish, English and Spanish. [full bio]

  • Mr. Damian Valenzuela

    President, Latin America Invest

    Lawyer, Academic Director and Diplomatic Professor in Stock Market Analysis. President and Shareholder of Banfisol S.A. (URUGUAY), Belpasso Commodities S.A. (PARAGUAY), IDVM Inversiones Latinoamericanas S.A. (BOLIVIA), Latin America Invest Corp. (USA), Intercapital S.A. (ARGENTINA), Latin America Invest Chile S.A....[full bio]


  • Mr. Francisco Chévere, Esq.

    Executive Director, Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company

    Mr. Chévere is currently the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Trade Company (Compañía de Comercio y Exportación de Puerto Rico), as appointed by Honorable Alejandro García Padilla, Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The main goal for Mr. Chévere in his current position is to strengthen local businesses,...[full bio]


  • Mr. Carlos Tait, CDME

    Director of Sales, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Carlos Tait is a very well-known and highly respected travel and tourism industry professional with over 25 years of experience. His knowledge and dedication in the international arena, along with his well-established relationships in Latin America and the Caribbean, has provided leadership and generated positive results [full bio]


  • Mr. Angel Sayon

    Chief of Communications, Executive Director, Mayor’s Int’l. Council and Protocol

    Mr. Zayon overseas and directs public information, public/media relations, photographic and video production programs which include the development and implementation of production studies relating to public access TV channels and the internet. [full bio]

  • Mr. Luis Daniel Muñiz, Esq.

    Executive Deputy Director, Puerto Rico Tourism Company


  • Mrs. Minnette Vélez

    Marketing Director, Meet Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Convention Bureau)

    Minnette’s broad spectrum of experience in marketing and communications, along with branding skills developed at top-tier companies such as American Airlines and Ford Motor Company make [her] an outstanding addition to the ‘Meet Puerto Rico’ team. [full bio]

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