Our President and Chairman of the Board

CPA David A. Rodríguez-Ortiz

Tel. 787-722-3620 | Fax: 787-722-3625 | E-mail:david@sagezapr.com

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Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce!

As President and friend, I open our doors to you with a strong personal commitment that our time, resources and work efforts will be undertaken with the intention of fully complying with “Our Members First” motto.

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is the island’s principal multisector organization advocating on behalf of the private sector. We are the “Voice and Action” of Puerto Rico’s private sector and one of seven State Chambers “Accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

We are a private, non-profit organization comprised of individuals, professional organizations, entrepreneurs, and private employers representing small, medium, and large businesses from all economic sectors of Puerto Rico.

We maintain good communication ties with government agency heads and legislators at the Puerto Rico and Federal level, and help our members establish contact with them. Our advocacy efforts also include testifying on legislative measures that can help or adversely affect businesses on the island, as well serve as a spokesperson for the Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition.

Since the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is the island’s leading multisector-entrepreneurial organization, we have focused our efforts on helping our member companies and individuals develop their business and build their capacity to grow. We have an effective Professional Networking Program with many success stories, an extensive entrepreneurial skills building effort for our members, and a marketing effort where we promote business referral among our members. All of these efforts take into account and support our motto, “Our Members First”.

I invite you to carefully review the contents of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce “Services and Membership Kit” and look forward to welcoming you soon as a new Chamber member and defender of the values and principles of the free enterprise system.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.


CPA David A. Rodríguez-Ortiz
President & Chairman of the Board

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