Our President and Chairman of the Board

Kenneth Rivera-Robles

Tel. 787-721-6060 | Fax: 787-723-1891 | E-mail:presidente@camarapr.net

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WELCOME to our website and to the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce!

We are delighted and excited that you have accepted our invitation to be part of this centenary institution. During all this time, the PRCC has played a leading role in the discussion of the most important issues of interest for the whole business and commercial community in Puerto Rico. In the attached document you will find a description of the services and benefits that you are entitled to as a member of the PRCC.

Since its creation on May 13, 1913, the idea of creating "an Association whose general character would allow it to look after the Island’s business interests as well as its industrial and agricultural interests”, was determined. In other words, from the beginning the PRCC was envisioned to be heterogeneous and it is in this capacity that our organization assumed the leadership of advancing common causes for the benefit of all business entities in Puerto Rico. And this diversity is precisely what has enabled us to express our opinion in a relevant and forceful manner during all these years. That is why we say “When the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce speaks, Puerto Rico listens".

Among the most important resources available to our PRCC is its Council of Affiliated Associations, composed of over 30 private sector organizations that are committed with the economic well-being of Puerto Rico, its more than 30 Working Committees and its Council of Former Presidents, who have helped shape the economic history of Puerto Rico and serve as an institutional memory to the PRCC. The PRCC has also relations with several international chambers and is the only organization in Puerto Rico accredited by the United States Chamber of Commerce as a "State Chamber". During the past years, the PRCC has actively participated in efforts related to important issues such as changes in consumption tax, the adoption of the P.R.O.M.E.S.A. law, changes in the education system, trade mission to Cuba, the creation of Invest Puerto Rico and the DMO, reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Irma and María, federal lobbying in taxes and healthcare, changes in the Island’s energy system and the new Puerto Rico tax model from 2018.

Finally, we reiterate our satisfaction with your decision to join this institution. Also, we encourage you to actively participate in the activities of the PRCC, including its Working Committees, educational activities and trade missions.

Over its period of 105 years of history, the PRCC has placed itself as the Voice and Action of the Private Enterprise in Puerto Rico and with members like you we will continue to do for the next 105 years.

Kenneth Rivera-Robles, CPA