Our President and Chairman of the Board

Alicia Lamboy-Mobille, Esq.

Tel. 787-721-6060, Ext. 2210 | Fax: 787-723-1891 | E-mail:sgarcia@camarapr.net

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WELCOME to our dynamic website and to the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce!

We are the only multisectoral business organization in Puerto Rico - accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a STATE CHAMBER – whose 1000+ membership includes business firms, corporations, and individuals; professional and social associations, SMEs and multinational companies, committed to the Free Enterprise system of our economy.

We have a strong Council of Ex-Presidents, consisting of 36 opinion leaders in the economy of Puerto Rico, and a Council of Affiliated Associations comprised of 70 professional and social associations that our members of our institution. We are also one of the main spokespersons of the Private Sector Coalition, among other attributes that you will learn about in our multisectoral, educational, and networking events.

Being part of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce will offer your company, corporation or you, as an individual member, prestige and excellent business contacts.

I invite you to make this website your source of information on the local business-related legislative process and our economy. Review the Membership Kit so that you can see for yourself all the benefits we offer. Call us at 787.721.6060 to arrange an orientation appointment for you to learn how to be part of our Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.

The main issues that affect the business environment in Puerto Rico – whether they impact SMEs or large companies - are issues that we warmly welcome and strongly defend as the “Voice and Action” of private enterprise.

I hope to greet you personally at our next institutional event, AS NEW MEMBER OF THE PUERTO RICO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

Alicia Lamboy-Mombille, Esq.

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